Time-saver Rundown: May 19, 2022

Welcome back to another edition of the rundown, where we summarize articles and videos to save you time! If you want the full list of all of our stories for the day, be sure to head over to our Patreon, where you can access all of our content for as little as $1 per month!

CNN: Clinton Campaign Seeks Mistrial for Durham Probe

  • Lawyers for Durham probe defendant Michael Sussman are seeking a mistrial, citing his Fifth Amendment right to not testify in his own defense.
  • The filing was made due to witness Marc Elias, who suggested that Sussman could answer one key question if he took the stand.
  • The judge made it clear that he was “not inclined” to grant their request.
  • Sussman pleaded not guilty to one felony count of lying to the FBI by falsely claiming he wasn’t representing the Clinton campaign while providing tips about Trump’s potential ties to Russia.

Fox Business: GOP Blames Biden for Soaring Gas Prices

  • A new record in average gas prices was reached on Thursday, with Republican senators blaming the Biden administration for a “de facto ban on new drilling”.
  • The national average is now $4.59 per gallon, coming as the EU continues to move toward oil sanctions on Russia due to their invasion of Ukraine.
  • Record high inflation has exacerbated the problem, doubling down on the rising cost of goods.
  • The government cancelled several leases last week, including the Cook Inlet in Alaska and two Gulf of Mexico locations.
  • Biden continues to blame Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine conflict for the rising prices, but critics point out the apparent refusal to move forward with actions that would increase domestic production.

New York Post: Mexico ‘Disappeared’ List Grows to 100,000

  • The number of people who have disappeared due to violence linked to organized crime has risen to more than 100,000 since 1964, up from 73,000 just two years ago, according to the Interior Ministry.
  • Virginia Garay, whose son vanished in 2018 in Nayarit, believes that the government is not doing enough to find them, and works with a group called “Warriors Searching for Our Treasures” to try and track them down.
  • Cases began spiking back in 2007 following deployment of the army into the streets by former President Felipe Calderon to fight drug traffickers.
  • The number of missing migrants jumped nearly four fold from 2020 to 2021.

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