This is a place where we can learn about ourselves and figure out what ideals we want to incorporate into our lives. Most of us stumble blindly through life shifting from one perspective to another with little thought as to why. A firm ideological foundation can solve many of our problems.

Dear Lyft

Dear Lyft, I received your notification that one of my passengers suggested that I might provide more in the way of customer service, and I would like to say that I hear what you’re saying…and completely don’t care. First, my job isn’t to impress YOUR customers. It’s to pick them up from where they are […]

Lost in the Sauce

Those of you with a military background are familiar with the meaning of the title of this article: a definite lack of situational awareness caused by ignorance or incompetence. It’s used to describe a service member who simply doesn’t seem to grasp even the most basic concepts behind whatever it is the unit is supposed […]

The Rideshare Rip-off

As you might have gleaned from my last few posts, I’ve recently begun doing rideshare full time as a stop-gap measure to keep the income flowing until I can find something more permanent. For the most part it hasn’t been too bad, and there are parts of it I even enjoy from time to time. […]

Manipulation by Lack of Information: Rideshare Shenanigans

So I’ve been doing this rideshare thing for over a month now, and as you might expect I have some gripes about the current status quo. While it’s awesome to be able to finally be my own boss and make money on my own, some of that feeling gets taken away by the way the […]

Ride Share’s Insincere Push Toward Green Vehicles

One of the more interesting things I’ve encountered since beginning ride share driving several weeks ago is the apparent desire of both Lyft and Uber to convert their entire driver base to electric vehicles. It would apparently be a great thing for the environment as society in general becomes increasingly concerned about the whole global […]

Rideshare Driving is Awesome…and Really Sucks

It’s no secret that I’ve been unemployed for quite a long time now. My previous job ran out in February and I was on unemployment for the six months that you get to find a new job. After months of holding out for something that more closely aligned with the kind of work I’d like […]

The Endless Impulses of the Mind

As far as we’ve come as human beings, dominating the world with our technology and ingenuity, it’s amazing how simple some of the processes that rule us are. Psychologists and physiologists have demonstrated rather effectively that there are two levels to who we are as people: the well developed cognitive structures of our brains that […]

Living Life Without a Plan

One of the big things about my life really bothers me is that I’m about to turn forty and I still have absolutely no idea what the hell I’m going to do with my life. I did the military thing for a bit more than a decade, but ultimately the culture and constant demands wore […]

Always Searching for the Unicorn

Perhaps one of the most difficult things about being raised toward the beginning of the millennial generation is that you have two perspectives of the world that are constantly warring with one another. The first is the idea that we live in a world that has realistic limits and you have to learn to live […]

The Difficulty of an Online Presence in the Modern Era

It’s hard to know how many people actually follow my blog on a consistent basis. Sometimes I use the phrase “those of you who follow me regularly” with the assumption that a fair portion of the more than 250 listed followers actually read the content I used to put out on a fairly regular basis, […]


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