Running Away From Evil

Today my family made one of the hardest decisions we’ve had to consider in quite a long time. For many years now we’ve enjoyed the convenience that has come with internet based commerce, and I personally have lived through many different iterations, from individual websites to mega sellers like eBay. Of course, the most ubiquitous option is Amazon Prime, and that leads me to the current sacrifice we’ve decided to make: we’ve decided to cancel our membership with the insanely popular service.

It’s easy to ignore a lot of the evil that goes on in the world around us, mostly because a lot of it is hidden and you aren’t really aware that it’s happening. We can be forgiven for paying companies that do evil deeds when there is no legitimate reason to ever find out about it, but when they shove it in your face you have to take a step back and reevaluate what you’re doing. Such is the case with Amazon, who has decided to take a moral stand contrary to things I have strongly held beliefs about.

There has been much strife in America the last few weeks as protests over the leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court regarding Roe v. Wade has angered many people who describe themselves as “pro-choice”. Many of us who disagree with the idea of killing unborn children have a far different view of their arguments about the practice, seeing their position as being less “pro-choice” and far closer to “abortion activists”.

Most of the discussion around the topic seems to center around a “my body, my choice” frame of mind, which to me seems to be a completely selfish attitude that makes the life of the child completely irrelevant in favor of the convenience of the mother. Statistics from various sources show the vast majority of abortions are for non-extreme reasons like rape or incest, which make up a single-digit percentage of all abortions. Most of us who abhor abortion will grudgingly make exceptions in these cases. What we can’t abide at all is the “it’s inconvenient for me right now” abortions, which are most of the cases.

Let’s be clear about the point of anti-abortion legislation. Little can really be done about the people who choose to end the lives of their babies. If they feel strongly enough about it, they will find a way to make it happen. No reasonable person would suggest that banning abortion would somehow make abortions go away entirely. The point of anti-abortion law is to make it clear that society doesn’t accept such actions, and if you’re going to go through with such an immoral act, you’re going to have to live with the consequences of doing it in the most barbaric ways possible. It’s a matter of not condoning the behavior rather than legitimately trying to end it. Much like the drug war, you can’t legislate behavior. People will find a way.

Still, getting back to my main point, as consumers we have a responsibility to stand up for the things that we choose to believe in, and as someone who is vehemently opposed to abortion at any stage, I simply can’t continue to contribute to companies that have decided that they are ready to actively assist in the murder of innocent children. Corporations like Amazon and Starbucks and Microsoft have made clear policies that show that they are strongly aligned with the “abortion activists” who insist that the killing of unborn children is somehow healthcare.

To continue paying subscriptions or purchasing products from these companies who gleefully participate in such evil behavior is just something I can’t continue to do. It’s one thing to try to push political ideologies like transgenderism or even socialism and the like; it’s quite another to actively assist in homicide. A line has to be drawn somewhere.

So it is that our family has decided to cancel our subscriptions to many different services that we have come to rely upon over the last decade or so. Amazon is probably the most difficult from a convenience perspective, since we have enjoyed the ability to avoid running to the store to grab random things we need and just have them delivered to our door in a day or two. Disney was an easy one when they started pushing LGBT ideology into their content in the attempt to indoctrinate our children with a worldview that only resonates with a tiny percentage of people. I’ll miss the Mandalorian, of course, but it is what it is. Starbucks is also on the list of abortion advocates, and some of my favorite products come from there, but too bad so sad I suppose.

Perhaps the most difficult transition is one I’m still trying to decide if I can even make work: Microsoft. I’m currently writing this article on my Windows desktop, and virtually all of my electronic interactions happen through this device. I do have the technical knowledge to switch over to Linux, but so many of my habits are based on a Windows environment, and every single game I have is on this operating system. You can make it work on Linux, but it’s not the optimal solution. I believe it’s the right thing to do, but it’s not something I can just switch off like Amazon or Starbucks. It requires some thinking and planning.

Regardless, the point of this article is to make the case that many of us have certain beliefs that these large corporations are actively subverting; strong American beliefs about what it is to be free and human and good. Most of the country believes in some pretty strong restrictions on abortion, from nothing later than the first trimester to as early as a detectable heartbeat. It is only a very small minority of people who find it acceptable to go with any of the more extreme examples, and these companies are perfectly find paying for people to go to places like California or Colorado, who are advocating for abortions up to birth…or even weeks after.

For now, there are certain companies we will avoid, but with things changing so rapidly, we will be required to remain vigilant. I told my wife today that we will proceed with a suspicious optimism about the various companies and brands that we enjoy, assuming they’re fine until we find out that they’re not. Abortion has to finally be the hill that we die on, because we can disagree about ideas and philosophies, because they don’t directly result in real harm. We can even understand that people are going find ways to get abortions if they really want to, and we can also rail against a government who insists on stealing our tax dollars to fund such procedures and know there’s nothing we can really do about it.

But we’ll be damned if we voluntarily contribute to it by supporting companies who engage in assisted murder.

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