Important/Interesting Stories: May 8, 2022

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Conservative Brief: Conservative Organization Posts Billboards Against Liz Cheney

  • Billboards are going up across Wyoming as Wyoming Values PAC urges voters to vote for Harriet Hageman rather than Liz Cheney.
  • The billboards are expected to be up until the August 16 primary, according to Breitbart News.
  • The organization claims that Cheney is a puppet for Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party.
  • Hageman has received an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, who currently has a perfect record regarding candidates he has supported.
  • Hageman has also picked up endorsements from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and New York Representative Elise Stefanik, who replaced Cheney as the #3 Republican in the house last year.
  • The challenger made bold statements promising to put the state of Wyoming before the “swamp” in Washington, D.C.

The Election Predictor: Overturning of Roe V Wade May Help Republicans in November

  • According to a recent poll by CNN, 38% of respondents indicated a positive outlook on Roe V. Wade being overturned, against a 20% rate of people who are angered by it.
  • The poll was conducted after the draft leak of the opinion by Supreme Court Justice Alito, which laid out the case for removing the prior ruling.
  • Various polls indicate that the issue will likely not be a significant factor in the upcoming midterm elections, with CNN polling data currently giving Republicans a 7 point lead over Democrats.

Fox News: Senator Graham Suggests More Involvement in Ukraine Conflict

  • Senator Lindsey Graham stated that far more is required to assist the Ukraine in their fight against Russia.
  • A defeat of Russia by the Ukraine would be a major victory for Europe.
  • Detractors claim that US involvement should be very limited, as recent actions by America have continued to enmesh the nation in a fight with nuclear armed Russia.
  • Graham rejected the idea of troops on the ground, but suggested many other options for direct intervention.
  • He decried the invasion of Ukraine as “state sponsored terrorism”.
  • Putin may become more desperate as is position become weaker, and may resort to chemical or even nuclear weapons.
  • A continued war of attrition may force Russia to give up over time.
  • The video continued with a discussion regarding the leaked Supreme Court justice opinion.

US News: New Mexico Wildfires Destroying Cultural Villages

  • A wildfire in New Mexico has now become the largest in the United States and is burning countless homes in the Mora Valley.
  • Violent winds had pushed the flames toward adobe ranch houses and other similar buildings that date back to the early 19th century.
  • Fire breaks are being created by residents of Holman and Cleveland in an attempt to stave off the fire.
  • Many have lost hundreds of years of family history in the culturally significant area.

Russell Brand: Bill Gates Wants Warning Systems and Controls to React to Future Pandemics

  • Noted Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates wants to put together a team of various experts to identify upcoming epidemics and pandemics, according to Financial Times.
  • A video of Bill Gates himself is included in the posting, in which he lays out the process of identifying potential disasters. The segment is included, along with commentary from Brand, in the source material for this summary.
  • Brand holds suspicion toward Bill Gates due to the various actions that Gates seems to participate in that appear to denote a desire for power and control rather than simple altruism.
  • The segment from Gates included a plug for his new book which discusses his ideas on the subject, which Brand found amusing.
  • Brand made the case that there are far more factors at play in something like a pandemic than just transmission, including economic, social, and survival. One example was not allowing companies to make profit off of emergencies.
  • The original article makes accusations that the World Health Organization disproportionately allocates funds toward projects that Gates prefers, with little accountability to anyone.

Fox Business: Investor Warns US Faces Serious Problems

  • The Fed has announced a half-point rate hike, the first in more than 22 years.
  • The Director estimates a good chance for a “soft landing” for the economy.
  • Billionaire investor Sam Zell of Equity Group Investments is not sure if rates can be raised without bringing the economy into a recession.
  • Too much time was wasted not taking serious action against inflation.
  • Improvements will be required in the supply chain and other areas to have a chance of reversing the trend.
  • Consumer spending has been very strong following the lifting of pandemic restrictions, causing a trend of “too much money chasing too few goods”.
  • There are no current signs of a reduction in inflation.
  • Zell believes that government intervention due to Covid was too heavy handed.
  • Home building rates have dropped off significantly from pre-pandemic rates, and a lack of supply has forced prices up. Lack of zoning for single family homes is also becoming a concern.
  • Materials and labor are more rare and expensive, driving up the price of housing.

Daily Wire: McConnel Claims National Abortion Ban ‘Possible’ if Roe v Wade Overturned

  • The Senate Minority Leader said a national ban on abortion may be possible if Roe V. Wade is overturned.
  • This follows a leak of a Supreme Court justice draft opinion making a clear argument that the prior ruling should be thrown out.
  • Senate Republicans make no secret of their desire to eradicate abortion entirely.
  • McConnell tweeted shortly after the leak, condemning the action and attacking the far left for their bullying and intimidation tactics.
  • Democrats strongly oppose the content of the draft, with major public figures making strong statements about the potential consequences.

Timcast IRL: HHS Secretary Argues Taxpayers Should Pay for Gender Surgery

  • According to the Timcast IRL website, HHS Secretary Becerra argued that the government should provide financial aid for gender reassignment surgeries for minors.
  • This represents a regression of progress, and is something that should be resisted.
  • The argument was made that a refusal to follow modern changes indicates a far-right attitude.
  • The remainder of the clip is argument regarding labels of left/right and why they matter or don’t matter.

Timcast IRL: CNN to Refocus on Truth Rather Than Opinion

  • Chris Licht, new boss of CNN, stated that he wants to return the company back to a serious news platform.
  • The new owner Discovery wants to purge programming that is heavily based on opinion, along with their hosts.
  • It is difficult to imagine regaining the trust of the audience after so many years of political agenda driving their programming.
  • The clip continued with an extended commentary on comedy in politics and how it has been taken too seriously by the public.

NPR Sports: Dmitry Bivol Defeats Canelo Alvarez in Stunning Upset

  • Russian light heavyweight champion Dimitry Bivol defeated boxing phenomenon Canelo Alvarez last night by unanimous decision.
  • Alvarez went into the fight as a 5-1 favorite against the Russian.
  • The final score was 115-113 for Bivol.
  • Alvarez hasn’t lost a fight since 2013.
  • The defeated boxer made it clear he is proud of his effort, taking the challenge of fighting outside of his weight class.
  • A rematch may be in the cards, with Alvarez stating he would be willing to try again.
  • Alvarez is the sixth boxer to claim championship status in five different weight classes.

CNN Politics: New US Sanctions Against Russia Bans Russian Companies from Using Certain US Services

  • The US introduced new sanctions against Russia today, the most notable being the prohibition from the use of US provided management and consulting services.
  • President Biden and other G-7 leaders met with President Zelensky to discuss further actions to punish Russia.
  • The Russian economy has been pushed into a deep recession by the war, as well as global action against it.
  • Three networks, who received a combined $300 billion in advertising revenue last year, are being sanctioned: Channel One Russia, Television Station Russia-1, and NTV Broadcasting Company.
  • US legal services have not been included in the ban.
  • Sanctions have not been levied against Gazprombank, the institution through which European natural gas purchases are processed, though executives of the company are targeted individually.
  • Officials are looking for ways to unblock exports of food from Ukraine in the hope of reenabling global food security.

Fox News: Wisconsin Anti-abortion Group Victim of Molotov Cocktail Arson Attack

  • A molotov cocktail was tossed inside the office of a Madison, WI anti-abortion group called Madison Family Action today.
  • Graffiti outside said “if abortions aren’t safe then neither are you”.
  • The attack broke a window, which has since been boarded up, and fire damaged furniture and books were evident.
  • Wisconsin Family Action has no information who who the perpetrators might be.

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