Important/Interesting Stories: May 7, 2022

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Russell Brand: CDC Tracks Phone Data

  • According to Vice, the Centers for Disease Control has purchased phone location tracking data for tens of millions of people in the US to track patterns of movements in various situations.
  • Governments appear to be using fear propaganda to control people’s behavior, using data such as this to control the narrative.
  • The data was aggregated to follow groups, but there is some concern that the information can be used to identify individuals.
  • The CDC intended to collaborate with highly controversial broker SafeGraph for monitoring things like curfew and vaccine compliance, along with a list of other activities included in the video.
  • Tracking of this kind seems to confirm what has been labeled conspiracy theories of government spying on ordinary citizens.
  • Many of the research points included in the purchased data include non-Covid related activities, including visits to gyms, restaurants, parks, etc. It also includes information like mode of travel.

CNN: Fall/Winter Infections Projected to Reach 100 Million

  • The Biden admin is projecting 100 million cases of Covid-19 this fall and winter.
  • The estimate is based on models that assume no additional resources or extra mitigation.
  • Extra resources are being requested to combat the virus.
  • The official number for US deaths from Coronavirus approaches 1 million.
    • Editor note: There is some question about the categorization of deaths due to Covid, including whether Covid was the primary cause versus a patient dying from another cause while simply having a Covid infection.
  • Funding was requested by the administration in March, but negotiations failed to produce a bill.

Ingraham Angle: West Virginia Judge Deems Candidate Ineligible for State Senate Run

  • Just days before the Republican primary for a state senate seat in West Virginia, Circuit Court Judge Duke Bloom has determined that votes for candidate Andrea Garrett Kiessling (R) will not be counted due to residency concerns.
  • Early voting is already in progress.
  • Kiessling appealed the rejection of her candidacy, but the state Supreme Court upheld the ruling.
  • The window for objections regarding candidate eligibility closed nearly three months ago.
  • Campaign manager Greg Thomas suggested political collusion between the liberal Republican primary opponent and the judge.
  • Kiessling’s name still appears on the ballot, but signs have been posted warning that votes for the candidate will not be counted.
  • Recent polls showed Kiessling held over 50% of the vote between the four primary candidates.
  • Kissling split her time between North Carolina, West Virginia, and Minnesota to pursue various business opportunities.

Newsmax: Justice Thomas States Supreme Court ‘Won’t Be Bullied’

  • Protests resulting from the leaked opinion regarding Roe v Wade will not deter the Supreme Court from reaching an appropriate decision, according to Justice Clarence Thomas.
  • The Court building has been surrounded by fencing and barricades as a result of the protests in anticipation of violence, but thus far the protests have remained peaceful.
  • The opinion was leaked to Politico and made public, stating that it would uphold the Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy and overturning Roe v Wade.
  • The Court has confirmed the authenticity of the document, but citizens are reminded that these documents are not final and changes can be made at any time.

Washington Post: Rent Continues to Increase Nationwide

  • National rent rates have risen 11.3% over the last year, caused by a supply-demand mismatch that is making rent unaffordable.
  • Material shortages and other supply chain issues are causing constructions delays, slowing the building of new homes while simultaneously making them more expensive.
  • The recent trend toward work from home positions allowed many to move to warmer climates and less expensive locations, shifting demand where supply wasn’t necessarily available.
  • Rent burdens typically affect certain portions of the population more, including younger households and minority families. Low wage earners are also highly impacted by rising housing rates.

NTD: Far-Left Groups Call Musk’s Twitter ‘Toxic’

  • Elon Musk is calling for an investigation in various organizations, such as Coca-Cola, Disney, and others who have been advised not to advertise with Twitter following news of his purchase of the company.
  • The letter focused on Musk’s vision of Twitter, who claims to focus on free speech, but was denigrated by organizations like Black Lives Matter, Naral Pro-Choice America, and Gender Policy Institute as a trend toward allowing hate speech and misinformation.
  • Many far left groups are taking action to try and prevent Twitter from being changed by the new owner and upcoming CEO.

Daily Mail: Scottish Independence Seems Unlikely as Nationalist Party Take Control

  • The recent elections in Scotland show little support for independence referendum.
  • Scottish Labour added five councilors for a total of 36, just short of the Scottish National Party at 37.
  • Conservatives lost 63 councilors, seemingly due to to bad and weak leadership.
  • Some in the government continue to assert that Scottish independence will become a primary issue in upcoming years, but for now the votes for such a referendum don’t exist.

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – The Misinformation Age

  • Maher suggested that social media is not supposed to be like your mother: always watching over you.
  • Filtering out misinformation should be the responsibility of the user, not the platform.
  • Lies seem to spread faster than they used to, but the truth can move just as fast with a bit of verification.
  • Lies have always existed, and each age of communication has people trying to censor information they don’t like. Maher provided several amusing examples.
  • Social media should not be utilized as a means of verification.
  • Risk is an inherent part of life, and part of that is being exposed to situations that enhance the “immune system”. Sterile environments create weak people.
  • Both liberals and conservatives are susceptible to popular misinformation.
  • Certain information is already illegal due to their extreme nature, but this is different from people expressing personal opinions.

The Five: Democrats Boast About Economy

  • Hosts discussed the current analysis by major Democrat commentators who claim that the economy is doing very well despite rising inflation and emptying grocery door shelves.
  • There is a current shortage of items like baby formula and diapers.
  • Framing of the current issues need to be reorganized to make it clear that the border and crime are issues that must and will be addressed.
  • The government appears to be incentivizing not going to work through programs like enhanced unemployment programs, which has shutdown growth in the economy.
  • A recession seems likely in the near future.
  • Members of the media didn’t appear to suffer the same consequences due to the ability to create work from home environments, which wasn’t available for many jobs.
  • The current global conflicts are causing major supply chain issues as well as severe food shortages.

Rubin Report: Ex-CIA Agent on Liability of Biden Incompetence

  • Political commentator Dave Rubin interviewed former CIA ops officer Bryan Dean Wright regarding the weaponization of government intelligence, as well as the publicizing of Ukraine intelligence.
  • Biden has repeatedly let fly with unwise comments, such as responding in kind to attacks by chemical weapons and possibly nuclear attacks.
  • Solutions to our country’s problems shouldn’t be political; they should be based on what is true and correct.
  • Wright has left the Democrat party over the insanity that has surfaced in recent years because the answers from the Republican party seem more logical and reasonable.
  • There are sane Democrats in the party, but most of them remain silent in the midst of the current far left activism.

Gutfeld!: Statistics Resulting from Remote Education During COVID-19

  • Statistics have provided stark results when it comes to the differences between remote and in person learning.
  • In person learning during the 2020-21 school year on average lost about 20% of the typical year’s math, while remote learning resulted in a loss of more than 50%.
  • Remote learning also appeared to result in the uncovering of certain political ideologies that have been prevalent in the classroom due to parents viewing classroom lectures.
  • Black and Latino students fell even further behind, and will likely be blamed on systemic racism.
  • Poorer school districts were more likely to resort to remote learning, and unions lobbied strongly for this version of school.
  • Much of this could have been avoided if school boards hadn’t given in to unions on COVID, on which data shows there was no measurable difference in transmission and infection between areas that locked down versus those which didn’t.

Washington Post: Bitcoin Mine Brings Noise Pollution and Visual Eyesore

  • According to the Washington Post, the town of Limestone, TN in the Appalachian Mountains is suffering from a large Bitcoin server farm due to the noise being created by the cooling equipment required to keep the hardware cool enough to run properly.
  • Due to the many barriers, cameras and fencing equipped with razor wire, many residents compare the compound to a German POW camp.
  • A lawsuit has been filed against the owner of the mine, Red Dog Technologies, accusing them of violating zoning laws and causing damage.
  • The company has installed some noise mitigation to their equipment, but residents complain it isn’t enough.

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