Whoopi Goldberg EXEMPLIFIES the Problem with the Discussion About RACISM

We’re all watching the drama unfold as Whoopi Goldberg attempts to claw her way out of the recent comments she made about the holocaust and how it “wasn’t about race”. You could see her comments in a multitude of ways, and certain groups are going to hate her for what she said, and others might come to understand her intent and give her a pass. Where you land on the issue will largely depend on what your personal philosophy is toward race in general, as well as your individual background and upbringing. Comments like these tend to be the definition of polarization, with people either loving or hating it with little in between.

The issue that crops up for me is that the comments she continues to make are exactly the kind of ignorant, racially charged attitudes that keeps discrimination alive in our country today. If we are to look back on history with any objectivity, we would see that any kind of hate toward another human being is completely wrong, regardless of the reason for it. In her mind, the holocaust was “different” because it was white people killing white people, and that somehow makes it different from white people killing black people, or vice versa. It is this kind of thought process that makes racism so tough to overcome.

I’ve said many times in the past that I believe that the only way to get past racist ideologies is to just stop talking about it. It is because we continue to make it a focal point of our social agenda that we continue to see the of specter racism in our politics and social interactions. The average person today has grown up in a country where the standard thought has been that racism is a terrible thing that must be abolished, and I truly believe that it is only a very small fringe of people anymore who continues to hold on to the kind of real hate that made people suffer in the past.

Unfortunately, people like Whoopi Goldberg and her ilk are stuck in the past, continually living in an alternate timeline where the Civil Rights movement never succeeded and people of color must continue to fight for equality. They are simply incapable of seeing the progress our country has made, even while people like her sit at the top of the social totem pole as hosts for major network shows and having millions upon millions of dollars in their bank accounts. It’s very difficult to relate to someone who believes this kind of diatribe while living the American dream as we all envision it.

Martin Luther King, Jr. had the right idea when it came to solving the issue of racial discrimination in the world. His dream was for children of all colors to be playing together in pure joy with absolutely no thought at all about the fact that they looked different from each other. This message of love is exactly the kind of thing that propels a society forward into a truly progressive and positive era that gives each of us a chance to succeed. It is the reason why he and others like him have been memorialized as true leaders of the community, not because they brought anger and hatred, but because they reached out their hands with an offering of love.

It is confusing to me that Whoopi just doesn’t seem to remember this philosophy, especially since she was alive and old enough to at least vaguely understand what Dr. King was saying when he stood up on that podium and gave one of the most famous speeches in history. She’s had decades to reflect on this message and to absorb it as part of who she is, but unfortunately she allowed herself to become caught up in the kind of liberal hysteria that continues to sow hate and discontent in everything they touch. Rather than taking the message to heart and encouraging people to not see race at all, she herself has made race one of the central pillars of her life.

Her financial, social and philosophical positions make it quite difficult for me to have any sympathy for the backlash that she is receiving today, but as a person who advocates for peace and contentment taking a larger place in our modern society, I will always lead with the idea of forgiveness rather than hate. I can’t hate Whoopi Goldberg for what she is, mostly because I understand the idea that power and money will corrupt anyone given enough time, and as the left likes to say: “she’s a product of her environment”. When it comes to rich liberals, it’s difficult to argue against that. Still, she exemplifies the kinds of attitudes that still plague our society today and fuel the fire that continues to burn down the beautiful forest that we’re all trying to grow.

So what do you think about Whoopi Goldberg’s comments, or even just the idea of racism in general? Can we solve this age old problem by fixating on it until it goes away, or does our continual attention to keep it alive year after year? What are some ways we can start to love each other more rather than seeing each other as enemies? Hate is a terrible thing, and even if we’re not violent about it the damage is horrific and pervasive. It’s easy to see others as evil or oppressive, but perhaps it’s time to start pulling back these primitive veils and truly start seeing people as people.

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