The Dangers of Indiscriminate Immigration

If you follow the news at all, you’ve likely heard the debate regarding our federal government’s policies regarding immigration across our southern border. If not, the situation is fairly clear: there really isn’t a southern border anymore. Sure, they put on a show of having guards out there, but it’s been shown over and over that federal resources are actually being used to take those who come into our country illegally and move them to various places deep in the interior. It isn’t small numbers, either. Many thousands of illegal immigrants have pushed across our boundaries since the new administration took office.

For many, this sounds like a great thing. We’re giving new opportunities to those who otherwise wouldn’t have them. In theory it makes a lot of sense; open the borders so we can help as many people as possible. This has been the war cry of progressive thinking for quite a long time now, and it works because it pulls at the heartstrings. How can we claim to be a generous nation when we fence everyone else out? Doesn’t that make us a nation of hypocrits? Unfortunately, too many of us fall for this emotional trap and we don’t realize the secondary consequences of this kind of reckless policy. We’re told that we are a nation of immigrants, so why are we so resistant to allowing more people in?

Our nation was absolutely founded by immigrants, but many times we forget that there is a long and sordid history with their expansion across the continent. They uprooted the people who already lived here, destroyed their way of life and replaced it with a European centered way of thinking. Gone are the cultures of old, replaced by a new way that in many ways was a step backward. When we look at the traditions and views of the Native Americans who inhabited these lands for many centuries before we arrived, it can be difficult to weigh the consequences of our arrival. Many see it as extremely negative, and I can’t say I completely disagree.

Just as the previous residents were ousted from their homeland and supplanted by a radical new way of thinking, our nation is being assaulted in much the same way. Our government generally works based on what the people want, so the direction of our country depends upon the ideas and beliefs of the people who make it up. For most of our nation’s history, the average person was fairly conservative, believing in individual liberty and maximum opportunity for all. Over time, the makeup of our citizenry has slowly shifted as we allowed new ideas to take root and change the way the average person looks at America.

Many people look at the current events and see just another iteration of America reaching out a helping hand to those who need it, never questioning that there might be some ulterior motive. To them, it’s just cutting through the red tape to get things done. They see the Biden administration as people who “get things done”, bypassing the “cruel conservatives” who care nothing for anyone. All the while, they are blind to the true intent and dire consequences of these kinds of actions.

The average person just isn’t well versed on how our government works anymore. They see all the conflict in our political landscape and tear their hair out in frustration that the people they elect just can’t seem to get anything done. It takes forever to get even the simplest of things passed, and some issues may never get resolved because of deeply conflicting points of view. It seems so much simpler to just have someone step in and take over and force things to start happening so that at least we can feel like something is getting done.

What they fail to realize is that the system was intentionally designed to not move quickly. Our system of government was always intended to be one where no one group was able to dominate anyone else. It was created with a system of checks and balances to prevent exactly the sorts of things we have seen happening over the last several decades. In our impatience to move forward, we’ve forgotten the warnings of our past. Tyrants are taking the lead and beginning to force their “better way” on us. The preventative measures our Constitution affords us are being ignored in favor of draconian laws that deny Americans their rights.

The real consequence in all of this immigration nonsense is that those of us who live hear have much less of a voice in how our government is run. The people being let into our country don’t have to go through a strenuous process that teaches them to value the country they are being welcomed into. They simply come here and bring whatever they happen to believe in along with them. When you add the fact that we have become very lax with our voting integrity processes, we get a new population of people with little or nothing in the way of American values voting on matters with a foreign frame of mind. We are being rapidly changed from the inside out.

You can see this as paranoia if you wish, but it’s very difficult to ignore the logic behind all of this. We’ve seen over and over that progressive ideology gets stymied time and again when the average person gets tired of the hassles that are caused by it. Rather than accept what Americans actually want, the easy solution is to just change the population to one that more readily capitulates to progressive demands. When the public is uninformed and uneducated, as most of these immigrants are, it becomes incredibly easy to manipulate the system in your favor.

What can we do about this? Not much for now. The current administration has shown they care absolutely nothing about what the average American wants. The power grab has begun and they’ve laid all their cards on the table. Fortunately, I believe they played their hand far too early, as most Americans lean toward conservative values and aren’t ready to live with these insane ideas for very long. With any luck, the next administration will be able to undo much of the damage being caused by this massive influx of gullible future voters, returning them to whence they came and restoring America to what it should be.

If you find this cruel, consider this: Americans have always been the most generous people in the world. We have used our power and resources to lift more people out of poverty across the world than any nation in history. Given the choice, most immigrants would much rather have their lives improved where they grew up and where they’re home is than have to uproot everything to take a risk on coming to another country. Removing emotion from the equation, which is better: gathering the world’s population all in one amazing place, or improving the rest of the world so everyone can have what we have?

What do you think about the current immigration situation? Is it helping immigrants, or hurting Americans? Is there an agenda behind it, or are they just trying to help people? It’s easy to ignore problems we don’t want to deal with, but sometimes problems come to our door and we have to make a decision. When it comes to the issue of federally assisted illegal immigration, time has run out. The longer we wait to do something about it, the harder it will be to fix and the more damage will be done.

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