Life as a Lazy Person in a Work Hard World

One of the principles I’ve wanted to maintain on this blog is to provide an unfiltered view of the world from my own perspective in the hope that being real with my readers will cause what I have to say to resonate with people. It’s easy to get up on a platform such as this and try to claim that I have all the answers to everything trying to get people to follow me. The hope is that by not pretending to be something I’m not, I can avoid the inevitable judgement later on when it comes to light that I’m flawed just like everyone else, as if you didn’t already know.

I bring this up because the subject for this particular blog post is about a topic I’ve covered in the past and still struggle with to this day. In fact, I will likely struggle with it for the rest of my life because I’m old enough now that the habits of my youth are pretty much ingrained in who I am. I can certainly strive to mitigate it as much as possible, but in the end I will always be afflicted by that terrible curse of laziness.

As I stated in my previous post, my laziness does have limits. I would never allow the quality of any work that I do for others to be unacceptable, partly because I don’t like looking bad in front of people, but mostly because despite my desire to avoid hard work I still have a very contradictory side of me that demands that things get done right. This puts me in a very awkward position because I end up having to do a lot of things I’d rather avoid doing because I take too much pride in getting things done to shirk them.

When it comes to the things I do for myself, I tend to have a much lower standard. At heart, I’m very much a “good enough” kind of person, and as long as whatever the result is will be something I don’t have to pay much attention to, I’m usually fine with however it turns out as long as it works and doesn’t look too bad. This is especially true when it comes to projects around the house. I just don’t have enough concern about such things to put much effort into them.

Where I really run into struggles with this is in the workplace. In a world where everyone wants everything right now and in a perfect way, I struggle to cope. Many times I end up having to put effort into things that don’t really need to be worried about solely because someone decided it needed to get done and get done in a certain way. The number of hours I’ve wasted putting effort into trivial things that really don’t matter makes me shudder to think about.

I mentioned in another post that the concept of the “bare minimum” is something that has always been perceived as a negative, despite the fact that the term itself implies that the result is still within the realm of acceptable work. When it comes to my laziness, it’s less about not wanting to work at all and more about my time being extremely valuable to me, and the less time I have to spend grinding out work for someone else the better. Every minute spent doing someone else’s work is a minute not spent doing what I want to be doing.

In the end, my laziness will continue and the world will go on, but like many people I’ve had to learn to cope with living in a world that is incongruous with who I am as a person. I don’t believe this makes me bad or useless or any of those kinds of things, but it does tend to paint me in a negative light with people like employers and anyone who believes in the idea that hard work at any cost is important. For me, all I want is to put in just enough effort to have the kind of life I want, and that life is pretty modest because I’m not willing to put in the work for anything more.

What do you think about working in situations that don’t line up with the way you are? Do you put effort into things that aren’t really that important and struggle with it? Or are you on the other side of the fence and believe in putting in as much effort as possible in everything you do. Perhaps neither approach is wrong and it is simply a matter of personal preference. In the end, as long as the job gets done, how you do it is immaterial.

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