Bad Immigration Policy May Leave Mass Deportation as the Only Option

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I hate having to write this post. So many people see America as the beacon of hope in a world turning back to evil. Socialist ideologies are rising in power yet again as people forget what the previous generations had to go through to live through it and put it down. As these governments continue to mount, people are fleeing their own countries to come to a place where freedom is paramount, and I wish so badly that we could afford to welcome them with open arms. Unfortunately, our current administration is flagrantly disregarding reasonable border control and it will ultimately hurt the migrants who come here.

The news is filled with a two sided set of stories regarding the immigrant crisis. Liberal media downplays the problem, singing along with the Democratic narrative that everything is just fine. Conservative media is jumping all over the situation, looking to use it to fight the other side more than anything else. As a person who leans conservative myself, I tend to agree with the Republican stance on immigration, but usually my argument stands somewhat to the left of that and I think they go too far sometimes.

On this issue, however, I’m starting to seriously believe that we’re going to have to go to the most extreme policy possible to fix the damage that liberal policy has caused with regard to illegal residents in our country: mass deportation. We may need to expel all non-citizens, regardless of nation of origin, and begin conducting arrests and deportation of those who remain after whatever grace period is given. With so many illegal immigrants inside our borders, we would need to maintain this policy for a significant period of time to give law enforcement a chance to round up as many of them as possible and get them out of the country.

To be clear, I think this is a horrible idea and I don’t want us to do it. A policy such as this would be harmful not only to the people being removed, but also to America as a whole. A not insignificant portion of our economy and labor force is made up of immigrants, and the citizenry of the country would be damaged almost as much as those who are affected by the policy. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to cut off a limb to save the body because the infection will only continue to spread if you keep trying to save it.

Decades of terrible policy by liberals has brought us to this place where people are indiscriminately crossing our border and drawing resources from those of us who actually contribute to our system. We provide them not only with jobs that end up sending our money out of the country, but also with free healthcare because they don’t make enough for us to charge them. We give them access to our welfare system, even though they’ve never contributed to our tax system nor do they have rights under our Constitution. And now the liberals are slowly providing them with the means to vote in our elections, despite the fact that they have no legitimate reason to have that ability.

It is my personal opinion that we have reached the point where we actually do need that “Great Reset” that the left keeps talking about, not for our economies or governments, but for our immigration system. The only fair thing to do at this point is force everyone who isn’t a citizen, or at least in the legal process of becoming a citizen, out of the country for an indeterminate period of time while we scour our nation clean of those who came here without permission. Then we can work on securing our borders and setting up a better system for allowing newcomers to our nation. Things have gotten far to murky for anything else to have a reasonable chance of working.

This idea will certainly be met with a lot of hate by those who claim the idea is racist, but there really isn’t anything I can do about that. Sometimes the truth just hurts people’s feelings because it’s easier to believe a lie than have to face the fact that we’ve failed miserably. No one wants to cause suffering to another person, and there will certainly be a lot of suffering if we actually go through with a mass deportation program. But at the end of the day, we have to decide where our allegiance lies. Is it with people who come here illegally, or with our own citizens? I personally put my fellow Americans before anyone else, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

What do you think about the immigration crisis? Should we be allowing people to come across the border with little or no effort? What other problems are being caused by so many people coming into our country illegally? At some point, we are going to be forced to address this problem, and the longer we wait the harder it’s going to get to fix and the more it’s going to hurt to do it. We should act now to stem the tide and start reversing the damage that decades of hardcore liberal agenda has done to our country.

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