Employment Scams

So you’re trying to find work, and you’re applying to job after job, and after months of nothing, you finally get a response! You’re excited that maybe finally this long bout of unemployment might finally be over, so you’re not really paying attention and your radar doesn’t go off when they conduct a completely text based interview process via an app called Signal. They start telling you that you need certain office equipment, and even say they’re going to send you a check to pay for it all. It’s a digital check, and you deposit it in your bank and go to the vendor they require you to purchase from. The order clears, the money comes out of your account and then…nothing. It was all a scam.

The idea behind this scam is to trick people into spending the money before the bank realizes the check is bogus. Then the prospective employee is left on the hook for thousands of dollars because they didn’t actually have any money, and the scammer gets away clean with the money you thought they were supposed to pay you. Fortunately, I was saved from this scam by my wife, who forced me to see past the excitement of finally getting a decent job, but this happens to people all the time. In fact, I just received another “offer” for an interview via the Signal app.

It takes a special kind of evil person to prey on people who already have nothing. How can anyone be so selfish and evil that they would go out of their way to steal from someone who is trying to get back on their feet? Well, human nature is what it is, I suppose, and many people have done far worse, and will do even more of it as time goes on. It’s easy to do bad things to people you don’t know because you never have to deal with the consequences.

Anyway, let this be a warning to anyone out there looking for work. In addition to just finding someone to hire you, you have to screen through them to avoid getting put in an even worse situation than you already are.

Be vigilant.


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