We Need a Lot More Hope in the World Right Now

It’s no secret to anyone who is actually paying attention to what’s going on in the world right now that things aren’t going very well. We’re living in a time of massive inflation, food shortages, skyrocketing fuel prices, rolling blackouts in major cities, and of course the return of the looming threat of total global annihilation via nuclear war between Russia and the United States. When you look around at all the things that are going on that threaten to topple everything we’ve created over the past two centuries, it’s hard to have an optimistic outlook.

That last one is obviously the scariest, and it’s made all the more scary by the fact that no one seems to be doing anything to try and prevent it. Quite the contrary, actually, as the politicians here in the US seem to be egging Putin on in starting an all out nuclear conflict. Setting aside the fact that we’ve placed the fate of Ukraine, a small nation with just 41 million people, ahead of our own country, which has more than 330 million, by directly supplying weapons and material to the historically very corrupt government there…it is fairly obvious that the West destroyed the Nordstream pipelines flowing from Russia to Western Europe, and act that can only be construed as a direct attack on an already hostile nation.

And then of course there’s the fact that Ukraine just announced its intention to join NATO as quickly as possible, which given the current political climate seems to be something that could actually happen. Russia has stated in no uncertain terms that this would provoke an immediate declaration of war…the largest holder of nuclear weapons on the planet declaring war against virtually the entire Western world. And none of this seems to be phasing anyone at all. They’re content to continue prodding Putin and Russia to see if they’re bluffing. This is NOT a game we should be playing.

Of course, while this may be the biggest and scariest problem we have at the moment, it certainly isn’t the only one. As someone who does rideshare full time while I wait for a new opportunity, I’m painfully aware of the continually rising price of fuel. I continue to watch as my profits slowly dwindle from week to week as my costs go up without any meaningful increase in my income. I can’t imagine how full on transportation companies are coping with this ridiculous shift in our system of energy. The entire global economy relies almost completely on fossil fuels, but Western “leaders” insist on yanking out that lifeline before replacements are ready…and the rest of us are the ones who have to suffer through the pain of it.

Food shortages are certainly high up on the list as well, though those of us here in the United States aren’t going to see the brunt of that. It will be the third world nations who were already struggling to feed themselves before all this started that will suffer the most, and many will die before this all gets worked out…if it ever does. I’m not particularly afraid that I or anyone I know will go hungry, but even someone as emotionally detached as I am will have a hard time knowing that millions of people will be on the verge of death as a result of the incompetence of the people we allowed to take charge of things.

And then there’s the energy crisis that’s already here in California. While we watch major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco unable to even keep the lights on, much less anything else, the people in charge continue to try to force us away from the most reliable source of power that we have. The grid can’t handle the load we have now, yet they somehow want everyone to be charging electric cars off that same power supply by 2035. What exactly do they expect to accomplish with our infrastructure by then? How are they going to pay for it? The real answer is they don’t care. They just want to be able to say they killed “dirty energy”.

Although the previous issues are certainly scary, perhaps the one that is the most frustrating is our determined push toward the kind of hyperinflation that topples entire countries. This is something that is completely preventable independent of any other nation, but we just refuse to take the steps necessary to preserve our economy. Too many people have become comfortable living far, far beyond our means and they just can’t take the teat out of their mouth long enough to realize they’re being poisoned to death. Of course, the people in charge are all massively benefiting from all this, so we can’t rely on them to do anything about it because they’re extracting everything they can from us before the ship sinks completely.

With all these things going on right now, we need a lot more people who have the courage to stand up and provide some hope for those of us who have no ability to change things ourselves. There are so many out there who have the resources to make massive changes in not only the country, but the world at large. We see a few people, like Elon Musk, standing up and putting their wealth on the line to make positive changes, but how many others could help to set things right if they just stepped out and took the risk? Liberals like to talk about taxing the rich to “pay their fair share”, but what we really need is for the wealthy people who have not been included in this global agenda to help save not only the American public, but also themselves by banding together to fight the people who are trying to tear everything down.

If I had any idea how to make that happen, I’d already be on it, but I’m just one small voice in an ocean of voices. We need those who have big platforms to start joining together, setting aside their differences in furtherance of a bigger message: stop allowing predators to keep killing the sheep. Our minor differences pale in comparison to the massive destruction that will result if we continue to allow ignorant “leaders” to run everything into the ground. You don’t have to like me or anything I stand for, but if you do nothing else, please share this idea with anyone who might be able to stand up and restore what the entire Western world used to represent.

Because if we can support those who can make a difference, maybe they’ll find the courage to actually do it…


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