Time-saver Rundown: May 24, 2022

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Fox News: Arizona Charter School 100% Graduating Class

  • Great Hearts Maryvale Preparatory Academy will be graduating their entire first senior class of 27 students this year.
  • The Arizona school resides within a county that sees an average high school completion rate of less than 20%, compared to a 74% graduation rate for the entire state.
  • Headmaster Mac Esau credited the teachers and local community for the incredible success.
  • He said the important part of getting results is ensuring that all aspects of the school are working together.

New York Post: Kidnapped Woman Discovered by Passerby

  • A woman was found inside an abandoned building, apparently after having been kidnapped and raped while walking to a store in Chicago’s South Side neighborhood last week.
  • She encountered a man in his 60s who grabbed her and hauled her to the house, and was unable to fight him off.
  • Attracted by screaming from within the building, Antione Dobine called the police, noticing a man fleeing the scene before they arrived.
  • Local residents hope the incident will initiate a program of checking abandoned homes to ensure the safety of citizens from incidents like these.

Engadget: Google AI Image Maker ‘Unprecedented’

  • A new artificial intelligence system, dubbed the Imagen diffusion model, is able to create an “unprecedented degree of photorealism and a deep level of language understanding”.
  • The model is able to create highly detailed images based on text inputs from users, using any descriptive text to generate an image.
  • While the development results are impressive, Google does not believe that it is ready for use by the public, mostly due to algorithmic datasets that end up creating images that reflect “harmful viewpoints” such as stereotypes.
  • The team wants to wait to publish the model until a curating system can be developed to censor such topics.
  • A limited version of the software is available through a link in the source material.

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