Time-saver Rundown: May 18, 2022

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Conservative Brief: North Carolina GOP Race Called

  • Senator Chuck Edwards has defeated his rival Madison Cawthorn for in the race for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District.
  • The move was seen as magnanimous by the victor and will help his campaign to achieve victory in November.
  • Cawthorn indicated his intent to support Edwards in any way possible in the upcoming midterms.
  • Edwards praised the younger candidates efforts, writing off some of his inexperienced mistakes and encouraging him to try again in the future.
  • The candidate suffered from several public relations setbacks as videos from his teenage years surfaced that painted him as immature and potentially untrustworthy, which seemed unreasonable due to his age at the time.

CNN: Buffalo Suspect Posted Attack Plans Minutes Before Shooting

  • Plans for the mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, this past Saturday were posted in chat room posts on a private Discord server thirty minutes before the deadly event.
  • Ten people were killed and three wounded in the shooting, an event sparked by extreme racism.
  • The suspect’s history on social media shows that he had been planning the attack for months, listing many details about his reasoning for the location such as time of day.
  • A 180 page document was also discovered filled with racist content, in which the shooter described himself as a fascist, white supremacist and anti-Semite.
  • The shooter had a prior history of disturbing and violent statements, from a project on murder-suicides to vague threats of violence while in school.
  • New York’s “red flag” rule seemed ineffective despite these clear indications, with police unable to proceed due to the non-specific nature of his behavior.

The Points Guy: Japan is Not Reopening

  • Japan has recently announced it is beginning a series of “test tours” in the next month, to the excitement of enthusiasts who are hoping the nation will begin welcoming foreign travelers again.
  • This appears to be a false alarm for many, however, as several other announcements make it appear that a full reopening is still a ways off.
  • The test tours will allow up to 50 people to visit the nation in strictly supervised groups over the next month.
  • Travelers are warned that it is unlikely that they will be able to visit before the fall, and even that isn’t certain.
  • The highly detail-oriented government is unlikely to open for independent travel in the near term, with expectations of a slowly phased relaxing of restrictions.
  • It may be wise to hold off on plans to the country until 2023.

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