Time-saver Rundown: May 16, 2022

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Daily Mail: Passenger Who Landed Plane Describes What Happened

  • The pilot of a Cessna 208 Caravan fell unconscious last Tuesday, forcing one of the passengers to take control of the aircraft and land the plane, with assistance from Air Traffic Control.
  • The passenger, Darren Harrison, told his story on the Today Show, stating he knew he had to do something if he wanted to see his pregnant wife again.
  • The pilot stated he didn’t feel well and then quickly lost consciousness. When Harrison came up front to the cockpit, he saw the aircraft heading down toward the water below.
  • He got the aircraft under control and contacted ATC, who helped him get the plane down on the runway at Palm Beach International Airport.
  • Harrison credited his faith in God for the incredible feat, which typically requires formal training to complete.
  • Nearby pilots watching the landing while waiting for takeoff were stunned when ATC informed them it was an untrained passenger who landed the aircraft.

Fox News: School Board Reviewing ‘Malicious Misgendering’ Rules

  • Fairfax County Public Schools board in Fairfax, VA, is taking another look at new rules potentially requiring the suspension or expulsion of students who “frequently or intensely” misgender their peers.
  • The rule allows for suspension of up to 5 days if the actions meet the threshold for the rule, which does not appear to have any specific criteria.
  • Classified as a “level 4 offense”, it is one level lower than the highest tier, which includes homicide, sexual assault, and illegal possession of drugs or weapons.
  • The document’s hate speech section was also adjusted to include gender identification and immigration status as part of its umbrella.

VICE: Scientists Create Mutant Cockroaches

  • Researchers at the Kyoto University have successfully created a mutated form of cockroach using CRISPR gene editing technology, opening the door to future gene editing research on insects.
  • The breakthrough made what are called “knockout cockroaches”, which have artificially inactivated genes, which has applications for pest control and other fields.
  • CRISPR is a revolutionary technology that introduces DNA sequences into an organism to manipulate selected locations of its genome.
  • The technology was used on adult roaches, which passed the changed DNA on to their offspring.
  • The results of this test provide a roadmap for future trials on other insects.

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