Time-saver Rundown: May 12, 2022

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ABC News: North Korea Locks Down for COVID

  • A nationwide lockdown was ordered by Kim Jong Un in response to the first acknowledged COVID-19 outbreak.
  • The nation has claimed a perfect record of keeping out the virus for the last two years.
  • The South Korean military detected three suspected ballistic missiles being launched toward the sea just hours after the announcement of the lockdown.
  • Workplaces in the Communist nation will be isolated and disinfection efforts will be undertaken at both workplaces and homes.
  • Various construction projects will move forward despite the infections, including agricultural development, defense and other state projects.
  • Dozens of people have been seen from across the border working in fields in an apparent exemption of lockdown for farm work.
  • The North Korean government has refused international vaccines, possibly due to monitoring requirements.
  • China has offered its assistance in dealing with the outbreak.
  • Experts suggest the situation must be very serious for the tight lipped regime to publicly admit cases of the virus.

Tucker Carlson: Government Aids Ukraine While Ignoring Shortages at Home

  • Congress has approved another large $40 billion aid package for the Ukraine, bringing the total aid provided thus far to $54 billion.
  • The nation is currently experiencing a shortage of many food products, most critically baby formula.
  • Tucker criticized the US government position of focusing on Ukrainian border, food, and shelter security while completely ignoring its own.
  • Billions of dollars of the funding are expected to go to weapons providers and science experiments.
  • Infrastructure spent on Ukraine in 6 months is more than the entire US spending each year.
  • Carlson lambasted various public figures for inconsistent and unpatriotic viewpoints, favoring Ukraine over their home country.
  • Republican lawmakers seem unable to avoid media traps that convince them to go along with measures such as these, getting caught up in the emotions of the issues.
  • He was particularly scathing toward South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham for being a “war monger”.
  • The bill has passed the House and is waiting for approval by the Senate.

WebMD: Why Some Smokers Don’t Get Lung Cancer

  • DNA might be the reason why some smokers don’t get lung cancer.
  • Certain genes might limit mutations in DNA which can become malignant and grow into tumors.
  • A research team used a process called “single-cell whole genome sequencing to look at cell linings in the lung because they are the most likely to become cancerous.
  • Between 10 and 20 percent of lifelong smokers develop lung cancer.
  • The information could one day help screen for cancer and treat it, but many more studies will be needed to make real progress.

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