Important/Interesting Stories: May 6, 2022

Welcome back to the blog! I read an article recently about trying to provide a service to readers that they find valuable, and one of the ideas was summarizing content for others so they don’t have to read or watch it themselves. It makes a lot of since because I already spend a great deal of my time consuming content anyway, and condensing it down into a more easily consumable format seems like a great way to add value to the blog.

In the vein of that idea, I want to try out a new thread of articles where I take the articles and videos I’m already perusing anyway and put out quick summaries along with links to the original source material. Perhaps I can make better use of that time by summarizing much of it for my readers. Please note these posts, should they become a continuing habit, may be updated throughout the day as new stories or videos are reviewed.

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Elon Musk’s Hand-Picked Twitter Investors Confirm Some of His Critics’ Worst Fears

According to Slate, Elon Musk is gathering funds from billionaires around the world to help offset the personal cost of his purchase of Twitter. We’ve seen over the course of our history with Mr. Musk that his politics aren’t exactly cut and dried, but this latest move has been heralded by the conservative community as a win for free speech and a blow to censorship. Many left leaning leaders are very worried about the idea that the ability to control information will be struck from the platform, and the article goes on to list several donors to the cause that the author finds to be questionable.

Assault of Dave Chappelle was a matter of when, not if: Concha

In a Fox News opinion piece, Joe Concha made the case that the recent assault of Dave Chappelle on stage at a music event was an inevitable next step when it comes to public performers being attacked for saying things that portions of our community disagree with. The attacker jumped up on stage with a replica of a pistol which contained within it a very real knife and attempted to tackle Chappelle to the ground. Fortunately, Chappelle was able to mostly avoid his assailant and the man was captured and violently detained by security. The takeaway from this particular article is the big question of whether public figures, especially comedians, will have to begin self-censoring their content to avoid further public attacks which appear to have become publicly acceptable since the Will Smith/Chris Rock incident at the Oscars just a few short weeks ago.

Judge Rules Marjorie Taylor Green Qualified for Reelection

Marjorie Taylor Greene is one step closer to being considered qualified to run for reelection to Congress as Judge Charles Beaudrot determined that her alleged involvement with the January 6 “riot” at the capital building does not preclude her from running for office. Greene stated she was unaware of any imminent plans to storm the capitol building, and was even present during the attack which would have put her in danger. The decision is not the final word and must be passed up the chain to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Tulsi Gabbard Makes Case That War with Russia Has Already Begun

Appearing on The Ingraham Angle, Tulsi Gabbard laid out the case that the Biden Administration has already put the United States into a hot war with Russia, using Ukraine as a proxy. The administration appears to desire taking down the Russian government by decimating their military capability, which will ultimately lead to a nuclear response by the Kremlin. This would escalate the conflict to a level that has thus far only been a terrible fantasy. She criticized those in the government who are advocating sharing information with Ukrainian citizens in the hopes that they will use it to attack specific Russian targets.

Russel Brand Discusses Government Sanctioned Censorship of Information

Noted political commentator Russel Brand lambasted the recent development of a “Disinformation Governance Board”, colloquially labeled a “Ministry of Truth” by detractors. He was highly critical of the idea that “experts” will be responsible for determining what is considered truth and what is considered disinformation, stating that human beings are flawed by nature and we each have our own viewpoints that tint our perspective of the events around us. The recent spate of continuing crisis, from the pandemic to the war in Ukraine to the upcoming economic issues caused by inflation and supply chain issues, has put the public in a state of constant worry and made it vulnerable to the sense of security government seems to provide. Brand made it clear that he views disinformation as something that comes from both sides of the political aisle.

Meet the sheriff ENCOURAGING citizens to protect their homes

In a video on his podcast, Glenn Beck interviewed Santa Rosa County, Florida, Sheriff Bob Johnson, who publicly stated that he encourages citizens to feel free to use their firearms to protect their property against trespassers. Beck stated that most people see it as common sense that citizens have the right to defend their homes against criminals, and if someone enters your property with the intent to harm it is perfectly reasonable to respond with force. Florida law makes it clear that residents have no duty to retreat in the event of invasion of their property by unwanted persons, and criminals do not have the right to safety if they choose to break the law by trespassing.

Poll: 63 Percent of Texans Say Sex on Birth Certificate Should Be Only Way to ID Gender

In a recent poll of Texas citizens, a solid majority responded with the affirmation that the sex defined on a birth certificate is the primary legal indicator of gender for an individual. The poll follows party lines, with 87% of Republicans agreeing and only 35% of Democrats saying they agree. The interesting number is that 64% of independent voters agreed with the statement from the poll, which makes it clear that the citizens of Texas overwhelmingly agree with a more traditional view of gender. The poll was published after Oklahoma banned all genders on birth certificates except male or female.

China Makes Second Largest Incursion into Taiwan Air Defense Zone

China made its second largest incursion into Taiwan airspace on May 6, prompting a scrambling of air defenses by the Taiwanese air force. China has continued to make shows of aggression against the tiny nation, which it continues to claim is a sovereign part of China itself. These recent events heighten concerns that China may invade the island under the cover of the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia, but authorities do not currently see any signs that Beijing is planning an impending attack.

Musk Expected to Remove Twitter Censorship Team and Take Position as CEO

According to Conservative Brief, the purchase of Twitter by noted billionaire Elon Musk is set to proceed, and Musk is expected to serve as the interim CEO once Vijaya Gadde is removed following the transition of the company from a publicly traded organization to a private firm. Musk recently secured more than $7.1 billion in new funding from new investors, including Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Alsaud. The article continues with a description of Musk’s recent attendance of a Met Gala event with his mother, along with dialogue of a red carpet interview.

Tesla May Cover Travel for Employee Abortion

Large companies like Tesla appear to be gearing up to provide travel for employees who seek abortion in states that will likely not allow such procedures, according to a Daily Wire article. This does not appear to be in response to the recent Roe v Wade controversy, as it was established back in 2021, and abortion is not specifically mentioned in the report. Several other large companies appear to have similar policies, including Amazon, Levi Strauss, Citigroup and others. President Biden has made it clear that he would prefer Roe to be codified into law, but this appears unlikely given the current makeup of Congress, and even less so after the likely shellacking Democrats are expected to suffer during the midterms. Several states already have trigger laws on the books that would immediately ban abortion outright.

CDC Investigating Fatal Hepatitis Infections in Children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are looking into a rash of mysterious infections of children for hepatitis across the country. Over a hundred cases in 24 states and Puerto Rico have been reported since October. A health alert has been issued as most of the cases required hospitalization, even though most patients were healthy and without underlying medical conditions. Not confined to the United States, a global effort is being made to determine the cause of this outbreak.

Major Hosts on CNN May Be Forced Out as the Platform Seeks a Return to Traditional News

Long seen by both independents and conservatives as a heavily left leaning publication, many of the channel’s previously popular hosts may be facing the loss of their shows as the news network begins a potential transition back to a more neutral, facts based format. Executives at the parent company Discovery want to steer hosts away from expressing partisan viewpoints, which has been a staple of the network for many years. Internal sources claim that a realignment will begin with hosts close to former CNN President Jeff Zucker being removed from their shows by the end of Spring. Zucker recently resigned over his affair with Allison Gollust, the Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer for CNN Worldwide. The recent scandal involving Chris Cuomo, as well as terrible ratings for hosts Don Lemon and Brian Stelter, appear to be the impetus for this radical change in the network.

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