Is Disagreeing with LGBT Hate?

As a very libertarian leaning individual, there are certain topics that are really difficult for me to reconcile. It’s hard to come to solid conclusions about many things in our modern society because the advancement that we’ve seen as a nation has been brought forth by overcoming a lot of the adversity and negative viewpoints of our past, as well as some serious social engineering that has done a lot more good than harm over the years. It’s difficult to look at the last two centuries and not see how some of the government intervention we’ve seen has had an extremely positive impact on where we are today.

On the other side of that, however, is that we’ve reached a point in our history where virtually all of the wrongs have been righted to the degree that it is reasonable, and now the pendulum is swinging the other way. We reached the 1990’s with a true sense of being the freest nation in the world with an endless future of possibilities before us, but people couldn’t just leave well enough alone and now we’re mired back in the muck of racism and hate all over again. And when I look around at the landscape at all of the various reasons why things have gotten so bad, the biggest culprit I can see is a rapidly expanding government influenced by groups of small, highly funded people who want to gain control over every facet of our lives.

Perhaps the biggest battleground right now is the fight over the “rights” of the LGBT community. Since the 1980’s, we’ve been watching as the same sex community shouts for equal rights to straight people, demanding access to marriage and myriad other things that have traditionally belonged to normal households. I say normal because despite what some people might try to get you to believe, the entire community makes up less than five percent of the total population, and that’s being very generous…in reality it’s probably closer to one percent if you take out all the padding from disingenuous studies. But even if you accept the very generous number, the vast majority of American citizens are heterosexual and believe in the kinds of relationships and families that have existed throughout history.

Now don’t get me wrong: I completely believe in a person’s right to be who they want to be. I would never advocate that someone suppress who they are or what they believe in just because I think it’s wrong or it makes me uncomfortable. There’s a difference between disagreeing with the way someone chooses to live their life and hating them for it. If you want to date someone of the same sex, that’s your personal business and certainly none of mine. Your life is yours to live, and I have no say in the matter. I can even get on board with allowing same sex domestic partnerships, up to and including giving them all the same benefits and perks that a normal married couple receives under the law.

Where I take issue is their obstinate requirement that it be called marriage. Regardless of your religious outlook, the word “marriage” has a very specific meaning that is steeped in religious tradition, as it involves God in a very intimate way and the Father has made it very clear that He finds certain behavior completely unacceptable. For anyone of the LGBT persuasion to want to claim that they are “married” to their partner is not only offensive to what the meaning of marriage truly is; it’s just factually inaccurate because God does not hear the prayers of sinners, and according to His word they are willfully engaging in sin. You don’t have to like it, but it’s the objective truth, and if you claim to be a Christian you don’t have the option of being a part of that community.

I’m sure this is especially offensive to people in the LGBT community who actually claim to be Christians, yet continue to live in sin with their partners despite very serious warnings from God that this behavior is of particular offense to Him. Two specific examples of this are in Genesis 19 where God completely destroys the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as Paul including homosexuality in his list of sinful offenses in 1 Corinthians 6:9. It has been made abundantly clear that the God of the Bible has no tolerance for sexual behavior outside of a man and woman joining together in the way that He intended, and anything outside that offends Him to the point that He has punished people severely for it.

Now after all of that, please try to keep calm enough to understand that laying all of that out doesn’t mean that I hate the LGBT community. There is a difference between laying out factual information about what it means to be a Christian versus having a strong emotional detestation for people because they choose to engage in activities I disagree with. Quite the contrary, one of my favorite political commentators is Dave Rubin, who is publicly gay and I have no issue with it. I value his contribution to society and watch his content on a regular basis, despite the fact that I disagree with his personal choices.

Despite my fondness for Dave’s political views, though, I can envision a scenario where there would be an uncomfortable conversation if the topic of his lifestyle ever came up (like I’d ever be in a position for that!). From what I’ve seen in the public space, he appears to be pursuing Christianity, or is at least somewhat open to it, and if that’s the case then there is a very hard conversation to be had with him about his relationship with the man he’s chosen to spend his life with. If he ultimately chooses to seek out God from a Christian perspective, it will require one of the biggest life changes he’s ever had to go through. Although many have tried a lot of mental gymnastics to fit God’s word into the lifestyle they’ve chosen, there is no wiggle room when it comes to His view on homosexuality. It’s just not an option if you’re going to claim to be a Christian.

And this is where we get to the meat of the issue: there is a difference between hating someone versus being upset when they try to force something on you that conflicts with your deeply held beliefs. I can respect and even like people who choose to life the LGBT lifestyle because I believe in basic human dignity and the right for people to choose how they live their own lives, but we’ve gone past giving people individual freedom and into the realm of cramming personal choices down the throats of others. It isn’t enough for them to live their own lives in their own way in peace; everyone else has to participate in it with them.

Where this becomes particularly egregious is in this insane school system we have now, where young and impressionable minds are being indoctrinated in values that are contrary not only to the vast majority of what American citizens believe, but even more horrifying is that the wishes of the parents are being sidelined in favor of a narrative that hopes to shift the balance more and more toward aberrant behavior. There are enough people out there commenting about the horrifying physical acts on children that are being promoted by these kinds of people that I don’t need to elaborate, but I completely agree that it’s wildly inappropriate, if not criminal. How many lives have been devastated by choices made for young people who haven’t had a chance to learn who they truly are?

So now we come back to the title of this article: is disagreeing with the LGBT community hateful? If you’re on the receiving end of that disagreement, I’m sure you feel that way, but the unfortunate truth is that if you belong to that community you are in an extreme minority, and while most of us value you as individual and will fight for your right to be who you want to be, we just aren’t alright with you pushing your ideology onto not only us, but also children who don’t have the education or world experience to know if what you are promoting is for them or not.

If there is to be indoctrination of any kind, it should be the family who does it, not a community of people who have no vested interest in the individuals who are being groomed to go out into the world with an ideology that is contrary to the normality of the world. It is the parents who have a true love and investment in the child, and it is on them to raise them up with whatever values they feel are appropriate. You are free to disagree, and even voice your opinion, but you do not have the right to interfere.

But we all knew that already, right?

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