We MUST Take Care of AMERICA Before We Can Help OTHERS…It’s Time to CLEAN HOUSE

It never ceases to amaze me how some people in this world are totally disconnected from reality. We’re watching in real time as our economy is sprinting toward not only another economic recession, but perhaps another “great depression” as was experienced in the 1930s due to terrible economic practices and incompetent government intervention. There is a huge movement going on in the world by large groups of very powerful people who want to reign in the liberties and choice of the common person to consolidate resources under their control, and the United States is a huge obstacle to that global plan of control.

Perhaps the biggest danger right now is the horrible leadership being exhibited by the Biden administration as they shrug their shoulders about everything going on in the Ukraine conflict, especially as it related to things such as bioweapons, direct fiscal spending on the conflict, and the handling of resources as we sanction Russia’s oil and gas imports. It is terrifying to think what Russia might be able to do if they confiscate years of “medical research”, which likely includes specimens of extremely deadly viruses that could be used as weapons. Or consider the billions we just sent over to support the Ukrainians, money that can be used however the recipients choose, and which might not be used in a way that is good for the West. And of course there is the domestic oil crisis we’re all living through now, which is being totally ignored by the government.

Diesel here in the San Diego area has surpassed $6 per gallon, the highest I’ve ever seen it at any time in my nearly two decades in California. I’m used to paying much higher fuel prices because of the insane liberal agenda here in the “Communist Republic of Kalifornia”, but it’s one thing to pay $4 per gallon because it slowly increased gradually over time and quite another to have it jump $2 per gallon in just a year because the ignorant people of the country banded together to elect the most incompetent president our country has ever seen. Well, perhaps there have been worse, but America wasn’t nearly as powerful or difficult to run back when they were around. We can’t afford to have administrations who either can’t or won’t make intelligent decisions that are best for our citizenry.

As usual, you can’t expect a politician to ever just accept their own mistakes and make a course correction to make things better for the people. Biden absolutely refuses to take responsibility for the historic levels of inflation we’re all living with now. First is was supply issues caused by COVID, which have proven to be unsubstantiated, and now it is the conflict in the Ukraine. He will look for any excuse to dodge responsibility for the fact that he has authorized the federal government to simply continue to print money like it is an unlimited resource, and it is exactly because the disconnected, ultra liberal politicians of the world who have never really had to work a day in their lives truly believe that money can just be printed out of thin air with no consequences.

But even if we just set aside the fact that government officials don’t know the first thing about how to run even a basic budget, much less the economy of a world power, we can’t ignore the fact that our government is actively standing in the way of oil production here at home that could drastically reduce the amount of money we all have to spend on everything, from fuel to food to clothing and all the other things we rely on to make our lives work. This isn’t just about the luxury that Americans enjoy; it is the fossil fuel economy that we’ve relied on for more than a century that makes even the basic necessities of our lives work. If we price ourselves out of being able to use oil at all, the United States will come crumbling down and we’ll be living as a third world country along with the nations of Africa and South America.

It’s a noble thing to want to save the environment, and I truly believe that most people are on board with figuring out ways to reduce our impact on the atmosphere. Even though I’m one of those who doesn’t necessarily believe that we are having a catastrophic impact on global temperatures, I do agree that pumping carbon into our atmosphere probably isn’t the best way to go. I’m all for increasing our proportion of renewable energy where it is reasonable to do so, and slowly weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels if we can. There are few people anywhere who would argue that going down that road isn’t the best thing for all of us.

Where we run into trouble is when we start listening to these alarmists who are trying to convince us that if we don’t completely stop all carbon emissions right now, then it’s too late and the whole world is going to burn. Like everything else in the world, decisions made in the heat of passion rarely turn out well for anyone, and this is an extreme example of this concept. The current administration is bought and paid for by the climate nuts, and their agenda is the total collapse of oil and gas as a primary power source for the country. Absolutely nothing that anyone says is going to change their mind about this, and they are watching gleefully as the price of gas continues to rise each and every day because they see it as another step closer to getting away from oil and switching completely to renewables.

The only problem they have that most of them still don’t realize is that we just don’t have the technology to make a renewable energy economy work. Every renewable has efficiency and consistency problems, or is solely available in very specific locations. You still need a way to provide consistent, reliable power and even with batteries renewables aren’t there yet. Our infrastructure is completely reliant on the existing power sources we have right now, and that is predominantly oil and gas. It takes time to properly wean our economy off of those sources.

If people would grow up and stop overblowing the dangers of nuclear, we could move to a much cleaner power supply, but too many are entrenched in fears of things like nuclear meltdowns and the like. Technology has moved us past that point, with such things as mini- and micronuclear reactors that are small enough that they can be passively cooled with no danger of explosion, but there isn’t enough of a publicity campaign to sway public opinion. Even nuclear waste is being changed so that it is only radioactive for a couple hundred years, rather than tens of thousands. It could be the power of the future, even if we never get fusion, but it is locked away behind a history of problems.

Even if we did make the jump to nuclear or found some way to make renewables work better, it still doesn’t solve one of our biggest problems: engines. Virtually every car and truck today still runs on gasoline or diesel, and that isn’t something you can just wave a magic wand at. There are millions upon millions of cars on the road today around the world, and you can’t just say “we’re going to switch to electric now” and everyone will be able to comply. Electric car technology still has not reached the point where it is useful to the average person, mostly because battery technology has not reached the point where it is as convenient as gasoline when it comes to refueling. Until that changes, it doesn’t make sense to switch.

And what about people like me? I bought a travel trailer a couple of years ago with the intent of travelling around the country, and the only vehicle that is strong enough to safely tow it is the diesel F250 I bought a few months ago. The truck never gets more than 20 miles per gallon, even when it’s empty, and when I start towing my trailer it’s going to get much less than that. There is no electric vehicle option for my situation, so what are my alternatives? What about all the other big vehicles out there which rely on diesel fuel to function? Even with our current electric motor and battery tech, there is no viable electric option for larger vehicles that have to tow a lot of weight. Are we expected to just give up the things we have?

The problem with any government who believes it has the right to tell the people what to do is that there are simply too many variables to the equation for any single group of people to accurately calculate. There are more than 300 million people in this country, each with their own needs and dreams, and no government authority can come close being able to provide what is needed to handle all that. The reason the United States and most of the West has grown to the level of prosperity that we have is because individual people make individual decisions that are best for their individual situations, and when enough people are making really good decisions that have a positive impact, the net result is a powerful nation that has so much excess that we can help the world.

And this is perhaps the most important part of this entire message: how can we help the other people in the world who need our help if we don’t have enough to satisfy our own needs? How does crippling our economy and making every American poorer help the impoverished people living in places like Africa, South America, and Asia? It is exactly our excesses that afford us the opportunity to be the very generous society that we have been for the last century; to stand up for those who are weak and to defend those who can’t defend themselves. How are we supposed to continue this legacy of generosity if our leadership insists on sweeping our legs out from under us?

It’s long past time for us to clean out the disgusting attic that is our government leadership. I’m not just talking about passively casting a different vote next time and hoping the next person will do better. I’m talking about actively pushing back against the leadership right now, and forcing them to capitulate to the will of the people. I’m talking about a banding together of everyone who still believes in what America is supposed to stand for, and forcing the dirty politicians and globalists back into their selfish, greedy shadows. The government is supposed to work for the people, not the other way around, and we still have time to fix it. It’s up to you to have the courage to do something, and only you can decide what you’re willing to risk for it.

Most of all, we need real leaders to step up and start organizing people to take meaningful action to turn things around. Too many of us are feeling separated and alone, especially in strong socialist states like California. Perhaps it’s too late to save this “golden land” we live in, but if we give up completely then it is certain to be lost. All around the nation there are people who have the ability to inspire us to rise up and rebel against the horrible things that are going on in the world right now. Perhaps it is you, and you just need to overcome your fear and step out onto the stage.

I am praying for those people to reveal themselves. We desperately need you.

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