STADIUM Full of Fans Singing the NATIONAL ANTHEM Gives Hope for Our Future

I didn’t have to look far today for the subject of my content. The second video I watched contained something inside it that made me feel all choked up and proud to be an American. You can watch the specific part of the video here, and if you’re an average citizen of the United States who loves the country you live in, this should send chills down your spine the same way it did to me. As a former active duty Marine for more than a decade of my life, I have a pride for my country instilled in me down to my very bones, and sometimes it feels like too many people have forgotten what we stand for. Seeing something like this reminds me that there are still far more true Americans in this nation than there are subversive control freaks, and there is absolutely something left to fight for.

It’s easy to become discouraged as we watch the world seeming to burn around us, as entire nations seem to be set against us in an effort to bring about a new order of things. There has always been a certain group of people who just can’t seem to leave other people alone, whether it’s from a sense of wanting to help people out of what they perceive to be their problems, or for the more sinister reason of desiring power and control. This problem will never go away, and it seems like a losing fight because most of us just want to do our own thing and live our lives. When the other side is always gathering their strength together and most of us are scattered to the winds, it feels like there isn’t much we can do about it.

The video linked above shows just how united we are as a people. Not only could you hear the melody of the anthem in a very loud and proud way, you could clearly hear the lyrics of the song as well as thousands of people sang in unison the one song that every American should have branded on their heart. There wasn’t even really an interruption, which means that most of the stadium was actually singing along with the soloist before the sound system went out, and the only change was that everyone got louder to make up for the lack of volume. The people could have faded out and hid because they were too self conscious to sing, but pride in our country and love for the people in it resides in their hearts, and they could not be silent.

I’ve been saying for a long time that the “elites” of the world should really start learning the lessons of history and understand that the people will only put up with their ridiculous attitudes for so long before they fight back. The mere fact that an entire stadium full of people stood up and sang out that National Anthem with unabashed pride should prove to everyone that we outnumber these “elites” by millions to one, and we are far more united with one another than the media would have us believe. If we start resisting as a public against such stupid ideas as the “Great Reset” or other such socialist agendas, it is clear that the other side has no chance and freedom can continue to reign here in America.

One of the things I’ve been struggling with is the idea that true freedom can’t really exist because we have to be able to band together in groups to fight off the evil of people who want to reshape the world in their image. It has felt like we need solid leadership on our side to make things happen, and that’s usually what is required to move things forward. I still think we’re waiting for someone to step forward and take charge of the fight against authoritarianism, but another part of me thinks that maybe the reality is that it requires a massive wave of individuals who are passionate about liberty and what our nation is supposed to be to surge forth and knock down the flimsy house of cards these arrogant people believe will contain us. Americans are not sheep to be slaughtered; we are a sleeping giant that destroys our enemies when we are wakened.

The far left has made a grave error in awakening this sleeping giant. The hubris of people who are successful at making money and think they know how to pull the strings of the world is shocking, of course, but what they fail to realize is that they’re dealing with forces they don’t understand and which are far too powerful for their pitiful minds to comprehend. They have to manage every one of those strings perfectly to pull off their plan, but it only takes one wrong move at the wrong time for everything to blow up in their faces. Time is on our side, because they are flawed human beings, and they continue to make mistake after mistake, exposing who they are and what they’re trying to do. The people see it and are angered by it, and it won’t be long before the giant is awake and flailing about with his mighty arms.

A stadium full of people singing the National Anthem might not be the most powerful physical act in the world, but what it represents is far more powerful than a protest or a riot or even an entire media campaign. It shows that the average person still loves this country, and that it is something that they will absolutely fight to preserve, no matter how much shame or pain or anything else they might have to go through. It doesn’t matter that there are entire sections of our society that have written us off, or who even desire the direct downfall of everything we’ve built so far. We outnumber them millions to one, no matter what the polls might try to tell you, and if you love this country and want to save it, you’re not alone. This is just a little bit of proof.

So what do you think about the nation today? Does seeing a video like this bolster your faith in American society? Have you felt alone for a long time, and need something to make you feel like there are others out there who feel the same way you do? Perhaps you live in a part of the country where American pride is shunned, and you need to know that it isn’t too late to turn things around. Sometimes something as simple as a song can have a powerful effect on the heart, and I know that for me, at least, a stadium full of people singing the most important song in our country was a moment I won’t soon forget.

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