WAR! What ELSE is There to Talk About NOW?

The entire globe is fixated on this developing conflict between the Ukraine and Russia, watching as the aggressive former Soviet nation invades the sovereign territory of its neighbor in an attempt to start rebuilding a dead empire. Many people have died already, and many more are likely to follow as the conflict continues. Nations in Europe are preparing for a potential expansion of that fight deeper into Europe, and the United States government has all but telegraphed that we are going to do something to Russia here in the near future. The world is holding its breath as we wait for what could potentially be World War III.

What is interesting about all of this is the timing of it all. We’ve lived in lockdowns and with mandates and the introduction of vaccine passports and all of these other things that have infringed on our individual right to live the kind of life that we want for ourselves. Finally, after more than two years of this, the people have gotten completely tired of it and we’ve seen over the last few weeks how protests have sprung up all over the world to fight back against these oppressive authoritarians in governments that are supposed to be serving the people, not dictating to them. It seems very odd that just as the people finally start rising up against the powerful “elites” of the world, Russia decides now is the time to invade.

It could be that he’s using the chaos to get away with grabbing territory for himself, but it seems awfully convenient for the Biden and Trudeau administration that the attention of the world, which was so firmly fixed on these protests, has now shifted almost completely to the fighting in Ukraine. I try not to go after conspiracy theories too strongly, but this all happened at exactly the right time to distract the people from the social atrocities that have been going on lately. Whenever there is convenience that can be attained from the random things that happen in the world, it becomes very hard to view it as truly random.

Regardless of Putin’s true intentions, the reality is that the news is now firmly fixed solely on this conflict. I haven’t seen any new major stories covering the Freedom Convoy in Canada, nor the new United States version that is making its way to Washington D.C. right now. The world has something “more interesting” to watch now that there is actually large scale fighting and death going on somewhere. It’s a bit disappointing that we are all so shallow that we can’t pay attention to more than one important thing at a time. The battle for Ukraine is certainly critically important to the world, and I wouldn’t suggest otherwise. There are people dying there, and that definitely matters, but that doesn’t mean we should be completely losing focus on the important things that are going on here.

We have rampant inflation caused by a government who truly believes they can just continue printing money with no consequences. There is a huge energy shortage caused by new policies that have crippled our ability to produce oil and other fuels here at home, and we are far more dependent today on foreign countries for our needs than we were a year ago. The situation with our southern border hasn’t changed at all, and we have tens of thousands of people who have no idea what it means to be an American pouring into our country every month. None of these things has gotten any better, but our attention is no longer on those issues. There is a bigger drama now, and it is swallowing up everything.

I definitely agree with a lot of the references we’ve been hearing about the Ukraine conflict potentially setting off World War III, and we should definitely be watching it. Russia is a major nuclear power, even if their military isn’t what it used to be. China will absolutely use the current chaos to its own advantage in some way, whether it is taking the chance to invade Taiwan, or even simply supporting the Russians to help them become stronger. The Western nations will be forced to respond, and it might not be long before we see that nuclear winter we’ve had nightmares about for decades. I don’t want to make light of the situation. It is very real and very dangerous.

On the other hand, though, we can’t become paralyzed by fear and stop paying attention to the other things in our lives that matter. We still have to go to work and make a living, and in that same vein we must continue to pay attention to the other things that are important for our country. There are two separate fights going on right now: a physical one in the Ukraine, and a global power struggle between the “elites” and the average person. We must find the discipline to pay attention to both of them if we want to come out on the other side without losing the freedom and prosperity we’ve had for so long.

We are living in a very interesting and dangerous time, and I think that it will be one of those periods of history that we look back on and wonder how it came to be and how we got through it without tearing everything down. Of course, that assumes we decide to put in the effort to prevent it, and that can only happen if enough people are paying attention and are willing to fight back against those who believe they have the right to control the world. It is up to us to watch and wait for an opportunity to restore the free and open world we once had. All it takes is a little cooperation, and I believe we are still selfless enough to do it.

Hopefully, you do, too.

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