MURDER of Five Year Old Shows How BROKEN This World Truly Is

Research is not a very strong part of my skillset because I just don’t have the patience for it, but sometimes I come across something that just completely grabs my attention and I absolutely have to write something about it. While I was scrolling through news articles this morning, I came a cross a horrifying event that happened over in Wales, where a mother, her boyfriend, and a teenager brutally murdered the woman’s five year old son and then simply tossed his body into a river like garbage. I am not the most emotional person in the world, as anyone who knows me personally can attest, but some things really get under my skin and make me truly upset.

Ostensibly, the woman had been struggling for a long time raising her son, who was apparently a really good kid, and when he caught COVID and had to be quarantined, she apparently couldn’t take it. Whether in a fit of rage or a cold calculated assault, they beat the child to death in one of the most evil ways I’ve ever seen. Rather than simply shooting him or stabbing him or finding some more humane way to do it, they just beat him until he died. The child had “over 56 catastrophic injuries” by the time they were done with him, and then they just toss his body. It truly shows how little they cared for him and how selfish they are as people.

If you want more details about the case itself, you can follow the link to the article I included in this post. My purpose today is not to give a complete rundown of the incident, because I’m not trying to be a distributor of news. The goal of my blog and channel are to take a look at the events that are happening today and put a moral compass on them, showing why things are good or bad and giving some reasons why I think they are so. I try to link my sources when it’s something important, but most of the time my goal is to be thought provoking, not a source of factual information.

So for this post, I want to focus in on the kind of pure evil required to participate in the beating to death of a five year old child. The article has pictures that show the little boy, and it’s extremely difficult to understand how anyone can look at him and ever find the desire in their heart to harm him in the slightest, much less do what these people did. We see selfishness all the time in our culture, and one of the worst of it is the murdering of children yet to be born through abortion, but at least the woman never actually sees the child she’s killing before she does it. It’s still wrong and selfish, but we can at least argue that it’s more misguided than intentionally evil.

This murder rises to the very top of what most of us consider evil in the world today. We all know what was really going on here: she didn’t want to have to live with the burden of taking care of her kid, and the quarantine event simply pushed her over the edge into what she was wanting to do for a long time anyway. A little boy was brutally murdered because an adult female with absolutely no morality at all decided her time was more valuable than his life. How any mother can bear a child and then allow that to happen to him is just beyond me, and I’m not even a woman. I can’t imagine how the loving mothers of the world will see this story.

Society is moving us toward a place where being responsible and doing the right thing is slowly being erased from what it means to be an adult. This behavior is exactly what you would expect from petty children who never grew up, yet have adult bodies to lash out at the world in their anger. The narcissism that finds its way insidiously into the minds of unsuspecting people as they indulge selfishly in the polished presentations of virtual strangers online is exactly the kind of thing that creates monsters like this woman. She decided she was more important than her child exactly because she has been inundated with a culture that says that you deserve the life you want at any cost.

I’ve been focusing on the mother for this article, even though I feel the man and teenager are just as bad. If the story had been that the two men in this story had taken the kid against the mother’s will, it would have been just as evil, but perhaps not quite as shocking. The truly horrifying part of what happened here is the direct violation of nature through the evil actions of a mother who didn’t just completely abandon her child to his fate, but actively participated in his death. It becomes very difficult to have hope in a world where mothers brutally murder their sons.

The truly sad thing is that this isn’t the first time I’ve heard about these kinds of selfish women murdering their own children. I remember hearing about a mother who actually drove her car into a lake with her kids strapped inside. She saved herself and let them drown. Or what about all the women out there who become addicted to drugs and allow their children to live in squalor? Not quite as shocking as murdering them, but just as harmful. That is something that happens far more frequently and we’ve become numb to it.

There is so much evil in the world that it’s hard to know what to do. People scream on about reducing gun violence, but refuse to see what this article so clearly highlights: we have a mental health problem in the world today. The funny thing is that it feels like the problem has become exponentially worse over the last twenty years or so. I wonder what world changing things have happened within that time frame that had the power to completely shift the social paradigm into a far more self-absorbed society than ever before.

I think we all know what it is…

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