My Appeal to YouTube…

I posted a video yesterday because YouTube placed a strike on one of my videos and barred me from uploading content for a week. I appealed that decision, and received a notification today that they agree that it did not violate the community guidelines and my account has been reinstated. This is absolutely the correct decision and I am happy that the platform has chosen to do the right thing and open my account back up again. It is good to know that I will be able to continue creating content for my channel and share my thoughts on all the random things I tend to think about.

Still, my original issue has not been resolved. The fact that they feel they have the right to take down my videos in the first place just because I say things they disagree with is still appalling and evil. We live in a country where we are allowed to speak our minds, even if we’re wrong. Even if everything I said on my channel was a lie and I knew I was lying, I still have a right to say it. YouTube has made itself into a forum where anyone, anywhere can come and share their ideas and content. That is the very definition of a public space and, at least here in the United States, speech in public is protected by the First Amendment. If YouTube didn’t want to be bound by this, they shouldn’t have opened up their platform to everyone.

The other facet of this that galls me is exactly what I stated in my video yesterday. My channel practically doesn’t exist if you look at the numbers. I have four subscribers, who are carryovers from a previous iteration of the channel, and I get virtually no watch time. Even if I were spouting blatant lies and misinformation, I’m not reaching anyone, so why are they bothering with me? I’m a nobody on the content creation stage and nothing I say or do is going to affect anyone, so why are they bothering to mess with me?

The answer is that when the power hungry start getting a taste of what they want, it isn’t enough to just bring some of the people under their sway. They need to have everyone submitted to their will and authority. Google’s mission statement used to be something to the effect of “don’t be evil”, but now we see where their true colors lie. It’s one thing to go after big fish like Joe Rogan because he’s a genuine threat to your power, but YouTube yanking videos from a channel with virtually no audience is the very definition of punching down. It’s akin to a parent beating their kid because they aren’t behaving exactly the way they want them to.

I wrote an email to a major YouTube content creator, whom I will not name here just in case they don’t see it or choose not to take up the story, but my hope is that they will at least do a small feature on what has happened to me. They don’t need to mention me or my channel or any of that, because though I would certainly love the exposure, my goal is display just how far these authoritarian giants like Google are willing to go to crush people into falling in line. They can’t get Joe Rogan or Timcast IRL or Dave Rubin, so they settle for picking on the little guys.

This is the true pandemic of the world today: large groups and corporations picking on small groups and individuals who refuse to bow down and worship at the feet of authoritarianism. They can put strikes on my channel and even shut it down forever, but I refuse to just sit back and let these arrogant people tell me what I can and can’t say. We’re seeing a massive popular uprising all over the world right now, and I believe it won’t be long before companies like Google end up being forced to pull back from these insane policies because they’ll end up with nothing left if they don’t.

At any rate, my channel has been reinstated for now and I will continue to upload videos as I find things that bug me or inspire me or whatever other criteria I feel that moves me to write an article and record a video. If all else fails, I still have my content on Rumble, and even if no one ever watches me, I can still be satisfied that I was able to speak my mind and offer my own point of view. That is what free speech is all about, and I’m glad that there is a shift happening all over the world away from these crazy ideas back toward liberty.

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