Clinton is ACCOUNTABLE for Alleged Political SPYING on Trump Campaign

We are seeing today that many of the accusations leveled at the Trump campaign during the 2016 elections were not only completely false, but in a huge twist the opposing team was engaging in exactly the kind of behavior that they were claiming that the Republican candidate was participating in. It is no coincidence tweets by the campaign “proving” that Trump had ties to Russia in an apparent collusion to subvert democracy came in at the eleventh hour in an attempt to swing as many last minute votes as possible toward the Democratic candidate. It is clear today that there was absolutely some level of collusion to subvert our democratic process here, but it was clearly on the side of the political aisle that was crying wolf in the first place.

Fortunately, Clinton had shot herself in the foot so many times that nothing she could do would have changed the results. She has revealed herself over and over as a disingenuous elitist politician with absolutely no care for anything other than her own ambitions, and most of America sees her for what she is. She is now trying to rebrand herself as a softer, kinder, more resolute Clinton, but the reality is that she has spent her entire life maneuvering for power and money, and it’s impossible to accept that she’s suddenly had a true change of heart right when the Democratic party has fallen face first into the mud and she’s the only one left with a modicum of respect. The timing would be unbelievable to say the least.

What really bothers me about this particular turn of events is that this uncovered evidence that likely proves that there was real political corruption in our electoral system back in 2016 (which also suggests that the process was repeated for 2020) will probably not deter her from running again in 2024. This is a real problem because it shows that there is a disconnect in our country between the people who make money, and those who do not. If you have enough to buy your way out, then you never feel the consequences of your actions.

There was a time in this country when people believed in holding people accountable for their actions, even when those actions were taken by others lower down the food chain. It is a near certainty that there will be no apology from Clinton for these actions against President Trump, much less an admission of guilt or acceptance of responsibility. A true leader takes on responsibility for everything that happens under their watch, regardless of whether they knew about what was going on or not. It doesn’t matter if she was aware of what was happening…it was her campaign and she was running the show.

This might sound harsh and unfair, but any leader worth their salt understands why this philosophy is so important. It is true that Clinton has no direct control over what her underlings might be doing, but the power dynamic at play with someone like her creates an environment where the people under her direction believe it’s acceptable to participate in these kinds of actions. It is the character of the person at the top that ends up defining an organization, and we’ve seen time and again that Clinton isn’t the most honest or forthright person in the world.

We have a serious lack of real leadership in our country today, and it is exactly because of power hungry control freaks like Clinton that our nation is spiraling out of control. There is little doubt that she will deny all of this to her dying breath, and even if it is proved that her campaign was involved, they will shield her with every method at their disposal. This is standard practice in politics today, and the core problem of why we can’t make any progress as a country. Leaders don’t hold themselves accountable, and that’s bad enough, but the real issue is that we don’t either. We give them a pass and our goldfish short memories have already forgotten the scandals of just a few years ago by the time the next election comes around. It is our responsibility to punish those who take actions that undermine our nation.

It remains to be seen what consequences will arise from the release of the Durham Report, the details of which are still a bit mysterious to the general public at this point. There have been filings with the judiciary portion of our government, which means whatever evidence they have must be pretty solid, and pretty much everyone is saying now that real, actual spying occurred under Hillary Clinton’s watch. Perhaps if it’s bad enough, the political structure will have no choice but to hold her feet to the fire. With any luck, at the very least she’ll end up shunned from public life, but hopefully there will be some real, hard hitting consequences for someone responsible for some of the worst political crimes that can be committed against our democratic republic.

So what do you think about Clinton and the apparent spying her campaign performed on President Trump? Is it too late to worry about, or do we still believe in holding people accountable for their actions? Do you agree with the idea that the leader is responsible for everything that happens on their watch, or should she get a pass if she wasn’t directly involved. Can you even believe she didn’t know about it, or even direct it herself? There’s no way to know right now what’s going to happen, but for my part I say it’s time for some old fashioned justice.

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