WAR with Russia is a TERRIBLE Idea….

We’re all watching with anxiety as Russia stands poised to invade its next door neighbor, the Ukraine. As a nation of free people, it scares us to think that another nation that desires to stand apart from others and live their own lives might end up falling to the drums of war, losing their liberty and being forced to submit to the iron will of a people who have traditionally desired to expand their borders as far as possible. Watching a free, sovereign nation fall to an enemy that leans toward ideals we are terrified of feels like a foreshadowing of what’s next for us, and it is natural for us to want to try to do something about it.

The problem with this feeling is that America has no business being involved in this conflict. Ukraine is not a nation that is truly allied with the Western world, much less specifically with the United States. It has gone out of its way to maintain a very neutral status between the European nations and Russia, which makes sense for them because they are right on the border of a very aggressive nation and upsetting the people doesn’t seem like a very good idea. There are a lot of reason for Ukraine to have taken the position that it has, and they seemed like good ideas at the time.

However, the problem with remaining neutral is that you leave yourself open to the aggressive acts of others. Without a team of other nations to rely on for support, when your aggressive neighbor finally decides that they want what you have and are ready to take it by force, you’re left to face the danger on your own. In this case, there isn’t much chance that Ukraine could successfully withstand an assault by Russia, and without some kind of outside assistance the nation will surely fall to the once Communist nation.

And this is where we run into our dilemma as the most powerful and generous nation in the world. It is in our nature to want to help people, and it is because of this that we put our noses into conflicts that we never should have involved ourselves with in the first place. Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East are prime examples of why it is a terrible idea for America to come to the aid of nations who have no vested interest in maintaining a serious relationship with us. The people there will never value our aid as much as we value what we’re giving to them, and in the end it will fall to us to prop them up. History has shown that this never works.

Most of all, Americans are sick and tired of spilling our own blood for the freedom of people who never end up holding on to what is given to them. Korea worked out, but Vietnam was lost because the people there have no concept of putting their own liberty before the groups they associate with. The Middle East was much the same, with people far more interested in maintaining their archaic traditions rather than embracing the free spirit of the Western world. The Ukraine might be quite different from these cultures, but frankly I think we as Americans have reached the point where we’re tired of allowing our sons to die in fruitless wars that provide absolutely no benefit to us while costing us priceless treasure and blood.

This is the true rub of this situation: the United States gets absolutely nothing trying to save the Ukraine through a direct confrontation with Russia. The nation never chose to stand up and be allied with us, so we can’t count on them to have the courage of their convictions when the metal meets the meet. We’ve seen how those kinds of allies reward us. Russia is an extremely powerful nation, which means that at best we will struggle to maintain an even footing with them, and at worst their home field advantage means they’ll be able to produce us under the table, as America is no longer the production powerhouse it used to be. And of course, the lack of public will at home is contrasted by a citizenry in Russia which fully approves of and supports the president that they’ve kept in power off and on since 1999. It’s difficult to support entering a conflict when public will isn’t behind you.

Most of us at this point believe that Russia is definitely going to be moving into the Ukraine very soon. The United States government has been urgently advising American citizens to leave the country immediately, making it very clear that our national intelligence has serious reason to believe that deadly conflict is imminent. Our military is clearly on high alert and ready to move at the order of the President, who seems more than ready to use this conflict as a distraction from his appalling approval numbers. The stage is set for a powder keg that could result in World War 3 if the administration insists on getting involved.

This is the time for the American people to stand up and say “no more”. It is certainly important for us to maintain our interests abroad, but for too long we have involved ourselves in affairs and events that cost us much but gain us little or nothing. This is exactly the kind of situation that commits us to years or decades of war over something that was never worth it in the first place. We need to put serious pressure on this administration to pull back and not pull America into yet another war we can’t afford.

So what do you think about the mounting tension and impending conflict? Do you think Russia will actually attack, or is all of this just hype over nothing? What might the consequences be if they do attack and America intervenes? Is it worth getting involved in, or should we keep our noses out of it? There will be many different opinions when it comes to becoming involved in a war, especially with a powerful nation like Russia, but we need to make sure that it makes logical sense to make the kinds of sacrifices necessary to fight against a nation as powerful as them.

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