Some Protests ARE Relevant!

I previously wrote an article that said something along the lines of protests not really being all that relevant anymore because there are so many people out there protesting so many different things that no one really pays attention anymore. We saw all kinds of protests over the last few years, many of them being conducted by radical groups who promoted rioting and looting, and while we certainly paid attention to what was going on, no one was really moved by any of it because the message was insincere and the means by which they chose to make their voices heard very selfish and unproductive.

However, I must retract at least a part of that statement from way back then because of the events that have transpired over the last few weeks up in Canada. The recent trucker protests that have spread like wildfire across the nation proves that protests can still have a very powerful effect on the world around us. While it started as a localized demonstration in certain parts of Canada, it has spread to several areas of that nation and is only growing stronger. Millions of dollars have been raised to support their cause, which is to demand that their government stop infringing on their personal liberties by insisting on forcing unwanted vaccinations and preventing people from travelling freely about the country simply because they don’t want to submit to a silly government rule.

The best thing about what is going on with this situation right now is that the example set by the unlikely Canadians, the most law abiding people on the planet aside from perhaps the Chinese, is now being carried forward in other parts of the world. Not long after the protests began, the French decided that they were going to let their freedom flag fly by starting their own convoy, which is on its way to Paris to protest the restrictions we’ve been living with for so long. The same is true here in the United States as well, with a protest that is scheduled to begin very soon starting in California and heading out to Washington, D.C. The current administration is already working very hard to shut this down before it even begins.

The reality is that people all over the world are over this artificially extended “crisis”. It was never really as bad as they made it out to be, and this was evident far earlier than just today. Yes, there was certainly a higher risk of serious symptoms or death to certain groups of people, but rather than let those people do what was necessary to protect themselves, our incompetent leadership chose the heavy-handed approach of blanket rules for everyone, stripping us of our freedoms in the name of a safety they were never capable of providing in the least.

The truth of this can be easily seen here in the United States. States like Texas and Florida rapidly shifted away from draconian restrictions and let their people get back to a normal life as quickly as possible, which states like New York and California desperately held on to their control over the people as long as they possibly could. The results in both states regarding people getting sick and dying wasn’t really much different across the board. It’s pretty clear today that restrictions and mandates don’t really do much when nature is out to get you.

However, the point of this post is focused on the idea that there is still a powerful spark amongst the nations of the west whose lineage is based on freedom and self-determination. The powerful “elites” of our part of the world might be ready to throw in the towel and just let things happen as they happen, but the average person who has to deal with the consequences of these terrible policies have demonstrated that they aren’t going to just sit idly by while selfish ideologues throw away everything we’ve worked so hard to build. It’s worth too much to just let ridiculous people with ridiculous ideas burn it all down in the name of “progress”.

I’m still not sure what the future holds for our country and the world. There are serious things going on over on the other side of the globe, including an imminent invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, as well as an aggressive China ready to start spreading out across Asia in a very violent way the moment they sense the rest of the world will stand by and let it happen. As much as we hate to think about it, there will always be people in the world who desire conquest over others, the power of control intoxicating them into acting in horrible ways to the people around them. As we have said many times and in many ways: “the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance”.

Still, I’m elated to see that people are truly standing up to the oppressive authoritarians in our own governments who desire to morph our countries from the free places we’ve enjoyed into terrible places like China and North Korea. They’ll never pay attention to the evidence that’s right in front of their face about how that kind of government works, nor will they listen to anyone’s rational arguments that freedom is always preferable to perceived safety. In the end, those who have given themselves over to power and greed will only ever listen to one thing: force.

So what do you think about the recent protests? Are they going to accomplish what they set out to do, or will it all end badly? Will the Canadian Prime Minister finally relent, or will he stubbornly hold on hoping to force the people to bend to his will? As they say, brinksmanship is a dangerous game, and who knows how it will all play out in the end. I’ve said many times that we outnumber these people millions to one, so for myself I’m certainly leaning toward freedom winning out, but like everything in life we’re just going to have to wait and see.

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