Trust is EARNED, Not GIVEN

We live in a society today where it’s extremely difficult to truly trust anyone. Especially when it comes to our politics, we have seen over and over how people run for office promising one thing, and then end up doing something completely different once they assume their new position. Perhaps the most powerful force out there sowing mistrust amongst us is the heavily biased media that continues to lie, omit, and hide the truth from the public to protect the people in power in whom they’ve invested so heavily.

This is the problem with many things in our lives today. We used to believe that a sense of honor was the most important thing in our country, and while we’ve always known there were shady people out there doing bad things under the guise of public service, there was always this sense of it being a small thing in the shadows that was an inevitable part of any system run by we flawed human beings. When we look back on the history of our nation, the goal has always been to find people who were exemplars of honor and truth to stand up and lead our nation into the future.

Of course, it’s likely that the same problems we have today were always there, and we just didn’t have the tools we needed to expose it. The internet has given us a mighty weapon against the lies and cruel games of those who would exert control over us, providing us with a medium to shed a bright light on the evil goings on of the powerful elites of the world. All the things that used to go on behind closed doors are coming to the forefront in a big way because of our new ability to share information.

Still, it feels like there has been a massive shift in society in general over the last couple of decades, and not for the better. While there is still an outcry for truth and justice for the most part, it feels like too many people have given up on the ideals of old and are content to just follow the herd, even if it means going right over the edge of a cliff. Many dangerous concepts have been floating around over the last hundred years or so, and today some of them have actually gained traction amongst large portions of the population.

A prime example of this is here in California. The governor of this state is an oily, completely untrustworthy man who exemplifies the hypocrisy that we see in our media and politics today. He has been caught in multiple events where not only was he telling the people to do one thing while he completely ignored it, he was actually breaking the law outright. There were absolutely no consequences for these actions, either in the form of legal action against him or apparently even in the court of public opinion. A recall election was held, and even if there were some voting shenanigans he won by such a large margin that it’s clear that the people of California don’t care that the man isn’t worth his salt. The people here want to be controlled, to be told what to do. They don’t care if the person at the helm doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Of course, our entire nation is in the same boat. It was clear from the start that Joe Biden was never mentally competent to perform the job of the highest office of the country, but again, even if you account for potential voter fraud, it’s clear that a massive portion of the country was so fixated on not having Trump in office again that they completely ignored obvious proof that the man they were choosing was clearly worse by far. Just like in California, this side of the country has no desire for personal freedom; they just want to be told what to do so the responsibility isn’t on them and they can blame someone else for the way their lives are going.

Perhaps that’s the biggest issue with trust in our country today. Maybe it isn’t the politicians that people like me are struggling to believe in, but the people of today who blindly and willingly follow the shady characters who have always been there that we avoided like a deadly disease through most of our history. I struggle with having faith in our nation as it exists today, not because we have terrible leaders (though we do), but because these terrible leaders are doing terrible things to good people and no one seems to really care.

I don’t know what it will take to get people to pull off the blindfolds and see these people for what they truly are. There’s no way to know what the future truly holds for us, whether it is a new surge of patriotism that leads to another era of America being the premier superpower of the world, or whether we break apart in our mistrust of each other and cede our position to nations like Russia and China. Whatever the outcome, we are playing a very dangerous game, and we’re running out of time to reverse it.

So what do you think about the trust, or lack of it, that we feel toward our leaders? Can we turn this massive ship that is the beacon of the free world away from the iceberg in time, or are we doomed to sink to the bottom of the ocean? What can any of us do in this crazy time, and is there something that you can do yourself to make a difference? I can’t claim to know the future, but I have hope that enough people will finally get tired of the nonsense and start forcing people to earn the trust that we give them in their positions of leadership.

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