TERRIFYING Things Are Going on These Days…

The world right now is a bubbling cauldron of chaos ready to explode forth into outright conflict and power grabs as people in places of power from all corners are starting to play their hands and consolidate their control in what is becoming known as the “Great Reset”. While we watch with morbid fascination as our own leadership continues throw away the influence our nation has had for nearly a century, the nations on the other side of the globe are banding together to topple the American dominance of the global stage, and not just our traditional enemies.

Of course, Russia and China are both opponents to be watched and carefully handled. China has been a growing threat for many years now as its government continues its accelerating shift toward an aggressive takeover of as much territory as it can muster. Russia, once a tenuous ally, has been pushed into a stronger relationship with its Asian neighbor as our own ignorant political class continues to push radical agendas that drive a wedge between our two nations. Just today we saw a major gas deal presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Chinese President Xi Jingping, a step that brings the two nations much closer together than they were before.

Australia has seen a massive rise in authoritarian control over its people in the last two years, the pandemic providing the perfect excuse to start limiting the individual rights of the citizens who live there. Just recently there was a viral video about Australian police arresting a woman who was just walking down the street because she didn’t have her “vaccine documentation” available. A nation that was once viewed as one of the least “politically correct” nations in the world has rapidly crumbled into a near police state, which was made especially possible due to the fact that they all decided to give up their firearms back in 1996. It’s difficult to fight back or be seen as a real threat by the authorities when you are literally bringing a knife or fists to a gunfight.

Of course, most of Europe has succumbed to the globalist, socialist ideologies of the authoritarian power figures. Great Britain was lucky enough to squeak out enough votes to exit from the European Union, and recently there has been a rash of anti-vaccine legal pushes in the nation, which sparks hope in those of us who desire freedom. Still, most of Europe in general is aligned with a desire to implement controls on the people to “combat the virus”.

Canada is perhaps the most overt offender at this particular time, and we’re seeing the results of their draconian attitudes in the form of trucker protests springing up across their nation. Their Prime Minister is doing everything he can to discredit this movement, but the people there are clearly becoming tired of the authoritarians there continuing to insist on stripping them of their individual liberties. It remains to be seen what the downstream effects of so many truckers not moving goods is going to have on not only Canada, but the United States as well.

Here at home, the situation is just as bad, depending on where you live. In California, recurring restrictions are simply an accepted fact of life now. Unless things change drastically in the makeup of the government here, we can expect continued lockdowns and mask mandates whenever there is a “spike” of cases, or when we head into the winter months when the disease is “more deadly”. Despite the fact that vaccine mandates have been soundly rejected by the Supreme Court, we can expect the government here to find a way to implement a version of it locally.

The lockdowns and mandates aren’t even the worst of it, though. The violence and crime up in Los Angeles and San Francisco are truly terrifying to contemplate. We’re hearing stories about people being randomly attacked without fear because people know there will be no consequences. Entire trains are being ransacked in broad daylight because there is no longer enough of a law enforcement presence here to stop it. The homeless wander the streets with impunity, setting up camp wherever they feel like it and spreading disease and very harmful drug use to places we should never see it.

Finally, though, the prime concern of what we’re dealing with today is the nationwide encroaching of our personal property by a government that seems determined to inflate us out of our homes by making everything so expensive that no one can truly own anything anymore. This is where we truly get to the “Great Reset” that everyone has been whispering about. As massive corporations continue buying up property and homes become far too expensive for the average person to afford, control of our nation is already being handed over to those people who desire control over the rest of us, and once they have it they will never let it go.

We are living in very scary times right now, and it’s hard to see a positive future with so much chaos and conspiracy being blatantly shoved into our faces. What can we do when a small cabal of people with nearly unlimited resources band together to force the rest of us to bend to their will? How do we start turning back the tide of authoritarianism in the world today and get the pendulum swinging back toward the free and open world we knew only a few short decades ago? Is there anything we can do at all, or is it already too late?

Of course, the answer is so simple that most of us tend to miss it. As I’ve stated in the past, we outnumber them many millions to one, and when it comes down to our survival versus their money and power, we have the ability to punish them for their abhorrent actions through our strength in numbers. Their control over us only lasts as long as enough of us allow it. We tend to be seen as stupid animals by those who have found their way to the top of the social and economic ladder, but as the saying go, even the mildest of animals will become incredibly dangerous when backed into a corner. It just requires enough pressure, and the pressure is certainly mounting.

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