Should Joe Rogan “Balance” His Show?

We’ve all seen in recent months how Joe Rogan has seen quite a lot of backlash from his show due to the far left side of the political spectrum strongly disagreeing with his very centrist, somewhat libertarian attitude toward the social issues of today. As one of the least filtered and most controversial figures in media today, Rogan has become the epitome of what a long form, unscripted podcast can be. His style is unmatched by any other show and his numbers dwarf anything else going on in any media space.

For a long time, we’ve seen him ignore the calls of disingenuous “liberals” who have made it quite clear that they will allow only one view of the world, and it must be theirs. One of the reasons that the show is so successful is because Rogan himself has refused to allow his show to become a place where mouthpieces come on and peddle their viewpoint without any kind of pushback. As a viewer myself, I can say that I’ve come to trust the podcast, knowing that when I watch the show I’m getting an unfiltered, real conversation between two people who are just talking things out. And it becomes very clear when Joe starts to smell the stink of fakeness because his questions start getting pretty agressive.

You see, Joe Rogan has been doing for the last decade what the “real” media was always supposed to be doing: getting to the bottom of things. Sure, most of his guests aren’t political figures and his content isn’t really focused on the news of the day, but nearly every one of his guests has something to say about what’s going on in the world today and it’s extremely important to get a pure, raw view of the many critical issues that we’re facing today. If you’re looking for a fresh, mostly unbiased view of just about any topic in the world, going to Joe’s podcast is certainly a good way to get it.

Of course, the extreme pressure of being at the top will eventually get to anyone, and now we’re seeing Joe starting to indicate that he’s going to adjust his show to accommodate the complaints coming from those who disagree with the way he runs things. This would be a terrible step in the wrong direction, because now rather than just letting the show happen the way it always has, there is going to be this new filter on things in an attempt to quiet a very small minority of viewers who make a big noise about things that just aren’t that important.

I’ve taken to avoiding using certain words in my content, mostly because I’ve branched out to making YouTube videos out of the written content I make here and I’ve already received a “warning” about spreading “misinformation”. As a new creator with practically no following, I have no weight to throw around to fight back against such things, and as such I am basically forced to ignore certain topics because I know that I’m going to be silenced due to the fact that my viewpoint differs from the established narrative. As a very small fish in a vast, endless ocean, my voice is easy to snuff out.

This is why we need the big fish like Joe Rogan to stand firm in their convictions when it comes to freedom of speech. With such a vast voice and the incredibly large and loyal following that he has, it is a monumental task to silence him, regardless of the direction he chooses to go. It shouldn’t matter if one side or the other agrees with what he says, this is supposed to be a nation of free speech and no one should be advocating putting filters on anyone, regardless of their size and influence. As a leader in the content creation community, it is critical that he not start down the path of capitulation that will ultimately lead to falling in line. The moment you start giving in, the battle is over.

It is quite discouraging to see what is going on in the world today, and especially disheartening to hear Joe appeasing those who want to control what can be said and where. There has always been a power struggle in the world between those who want control and those who need to be free of it. America was founded on the principle that every person deserves to live their life the way they choose and that no one has the right to tell you what you’re allowed to do with it. Our country is under threat every day from enemies both foreign and domestic. The foreign ones are easy to see, but sometimes those here at home are hiding in plain sight.

So what do you think about Joe Rogan’s podcast? Is it a beacon of light, or is the far left correct and it should be curtailed as a dangerous vector in the spread of “misinformation”? Is information that contradicts the national narrative a bad thing in a free society, or is it a critical part of sussing out the truth? Regardless of your viewpoint about what Joe Rogan says on his show, I think most of us can agree that free speech is critically important and we should never give a single inch when it comes to this paramount right.

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