The Mad Rush of Liberal Agenda

The Mad Rush of Liberal Agenda

So I think we all know at this point that there is going to be a massive shift in our political landscape in the next year, and anyone who says otherwise is either delusional or just blatantly dishonest. The events of the last year have made it quite clear that the moderate agenda that the Democratic party shouted from the rooftops during the election was a complete sham, desperately promising what they knew they’d never do to grab as many votes as possible. Regardless of whether or not there was actual voting fraud during the election itself, it’s clear at this point that the Democrats committed an even worse fraud by completely misrepresenting itself during their presidential campaign.

It’s a moot point at this stage in the administration, though. Everyone knows where the wind is blowing, and that there is a finite amount of time left for the liberal agenda before the nation swings heavily back in a conservative direction. With this knowledge, we are seeing more and more evidence that the Democrats are going to go out of their way to cram in as much of their radical ideology down our throats as they can before they lose power after the mid-terms and Biden truly becomes a lame duck president.

What truly astounds me is that more people didn’t see it in the first place. Liberal policies in major cities have created a more dangerous environment for the people who live there. Homelessness that has led to violent crimes against innocent citizens has been on the rise for quite a while now. Here in California, energy prices have spiked to a degree that is unaffordable at best for most, and crushingly expensive at worst for those near the bottom of the economic ladder. And of course the national debt continues to spiral out of control to support the liberal agenda of allowing lazy people to game the system as much as they want. All of this was in place long before the current administration, refusing to be uprooted because the amazing propaganda machine that is the Democratic party.

Of course, the Republican party has its own problems, and I’ve said more than once that I’m not particularly a fan of the way they do business. While seemingly a champion for individual liberty, when the cards are on the table and everything is laid bare we see over and over how money talks and everything else walks. Few people on the conservative side of the aisle actually care about anything other than their pocket books and cushy jobs. Rather than fighting for what the party is supposed to stand for, pushing the needle back toward a more conservative mindset, they simply reduce the degree to which we are moving toward socialism. Many of them might as well just switch the letter next to their name over to “D”.

The real problem in this country is the fact that we’re still stuck with this two party system. It creates an environment where we all just fight to the death because there is no alternative voice pointing out how we have all become zealots for a cause rather than thinking, rational citizens seeking the best answers to our issues. Until enough people get tired of the political war we’ve lived in for many decades now, we’re going to continue to be at each other’s throats and nothing will get better.

Still, while I’m not a fan of everything Republican, I do believe that there is going to be a complete shift in the way things get done in Washington once the mid-terms are over. We can expect at the very least for the Democratic party to lose any power it’s had up to that point, which will grind the progressive train to a halt. Hopefully it will happen before anything irreversible is put into place. The problem is that we can’t expect the Republicans to actually do anything to fix what was done, and even if we get a Republican president in 2024 it is unlikely that anything is going to actually change.

I apologize for the very “doom and gloom” nature of this post, but it’s difficult to see anything really getting better in the next couple of years. There needs to be a major shift not only in the political structure of our nation, but in the citizenry as well. Too many people just don’t pay attention to what’s going on, and that’s why we keep getting these radical candidates that many of us are sick of. We rely too much on the “easy mode” ways of getting information, which exposes us to all kinds of misinformation from exactly the people who complain all the time about misinformation. As with everything I say on this channel, it is individual responsibility that leads to a great nation. That means you, too.

So what do you think is going to happen over the next year, and will the upcoming change actually accomplish anything? What are some of the challenges we’ll need to overcome to swing the pendulum back toward the middle? Are you looking forward to a “red wave”, or will it just be another iteration of grandstanding with little or no results? I hope for the first, but experience has taught me to expect the latter. Still, who knows what events might unfold to stop the insanity?

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