The Natural Response to Force

The Natural Response to Force

When we think of the average person, we tend to think of someone who has a reasonable amount of intelligence who can think logically through moderately complex issues and come up with a rational end state of thought on a fairly consistent basis. The term “common sense” has been applied to this somewhat vague idea to encompass all the “normal” things we think of as being obvious as part of daily life in our modern world. Thus, the average person tends to have a typical amount of “common sense”.

Most of us tend to agree on what constitutes “common sense”. This isn’t displayed overtly as something we point out, but as something we exhibit through our actions in the day to day. The average person doesn’t just walk out into the middle of a street full of cars because they understand the potential consequences of doing so. This is learned behavior from observing and being taught by adults when we were children, and it is part of the template that makes up our idea of common sense.

Just about anyone reading this blog has had a vaccine in one form or another. If you look at the data from human history and the death rates of people both before and after vaccines became a standard part of medical care, you would have to have a much lower than average intellect to see vaccines as anything other than a “common sense” way to prevent both the contraction and spread of the many deadly viruses we are exposed to on a regular basis.

Despite this, we are seeing a massive movement of people who refuse to receive the various COVID-19 vaccines that are available today. I include myself as part of this subgroup of society, and for several very specific reasons. The chief amongst them is not because I am against vaccines or that I don’t think COVID is something to be concerned about or because I wish harm to myself and others. No, the primary reason I refuse this vaccine is because you’re trying to force me to take it.

Obviously I don’t refer to you, dear reader, but to the vastly overreaching system of government that has grown like a cancer on what was once the beacon of liberty across the globe called America. Our nation was born out of a desire to throw off the shackles of people who believed they had the right to exert control over the masses, and we finally got tired of it enough to fight back. The roots of the United States is buried in the soil of a simple phrase: “you don’t tell me what to do”.

As we watch masses of people from all political parties refusing to participate in COVID vaccines, we can look to this one unifying fact of American culture as the explanation. I believe in vaccines, and I might even be able to look past the fact that the COVID vaccines were developed far too fast compared to traditional vaccines to feel very safe, but the moment the tone became “you WILL do this or else”, any spirit of cooperation regarding this topic evaporated completely.

You see, people don’t like being bossed around. Think about all the various jobs you hated with bosses you despised. The common thread between them all was likely arrogance combined with a power trip. Rather than motivating you to do a good job, they just told you what to do and expected you to comply. No one likes working in that kind of environment, not even the same managers who were doing it to you, but once one person is in power over another it becomes incredibly enticing to flex those power muscles.

This is the insidious problem with the idea of total government control over a society. The people put in charge will virtually always abuse the power they’re given, and the people under their care will have a natural desire to rebel against that authority. The inevitable result of such a system is that the powerful continually push the limits of their authority until the public gets tired of it and pushes back. If the powerful ignore that pushback, terrible things end up happening.

Unfortunately, it is a part of the human condition that we are simply incapable of learning from our mistakes on a societal level. Individual people can sometimes look at their past and figure out how to avoid repeating them, but the mindless entity that is society will always cycle back through the same mistakes over and over because a person in power always believes in their own capability over the patterns of the past. Power brings the arrogance to believe that we can somehow do it better than those who came before. The brutal truth is that we can’t.

Physics has a very clean law regarding the use of force: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you try to force people to do things they don’t want to do, there will be a pushback against you. The harder you push, the more reaction you will get, until you push so hard that people get tired of your pushing and just do away with you…with whatever means are necessary.

I wish I could say that this concept could be learned by those in power and they will somehow have something click inside them that warns them of the path they’re on, but hubris always blinds us to what is good for us. Just as our natural rebellion against authority might make us do things that aren’t in our best interests, power corrupts to the point that those in authority fail to see what best for them. The result is inevitable, and it looks like it’s coming soon.

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