And You Wonder Why We Resist

It’s old news by the time this article goes live, but as many of us expected it turns out that Fauci lied about his connection with the Wuhan lab and the gain of function research related to COVID-19. As far as I know, there has been no conclusive evidence presented that the virus absolutely originated in this laboratory, but it’s an awfully suspicious coincidence for a highly transmissible virus to “just happen” to spring up near an institute that studies just such biology. While we can’t prove yet that the laboratory was directly responsible for the pandemic, it seems far more likely than any other theory.

Regardless, the point for today is that the mouthpiece for the pandemic effort has been caught red handed in his lies regarding the US government’s involvement in gain of function research, in addition to all the wildly back and forth “advice” we’ve received from him over the last year. Many of the people involved in this entire situation had vested interests in shutting down any inquiry into the virus at all, attempting to smother us with “policies” that we should be following to keep “safe” from the virus.

The problem with this entire situation is that some or most of what they said was probably the right thing. Things change as our understanding of things develops, and most people are willing to at least listen to scientists when they make a claim to something. After all, they’re the ones doing the kinds of research the rest of us either can’t or have no desire to do. They’re the experts and have the best chance of knowing. We rely on them in many situations where someone has to determine what the best path forward is.

It becomes very difficult then to place trust in the scientific community when people place their own interests ahead of the community. People like Fauci and the rest of them sow mistrust amongst the populace against science in general when it comes to light that they were lying from the very beginning, especially when the rules they advocated for placed heavy handed controls on the lives of billions of people. The world watches America and follows our lead and many countries will do whatever we end up doing.

Many of us never trusted this situation in the first place. We saw the obnoxious attempts to subdue the population under the guise of public safety, doing our best to refuse things like mask mandates and quarantine orders. I was fortunate to work for a company that didn’t really put much more than the bare minimum into these efforts, and I spent the entire pandemic only wearing a mask when I went into places that required it. I never wore a mask outside, even when it was still a requirement.

Of course, the biggest source of doubt in many of our lives right now is the vaccine. It was developed far faster than anything that previously came before, taking less than a year from start to finish while most vaccines take three to four years to go through the proper trials. The side effects are far worse than any vaccine I’ve had, and having served in the military I’ve had my fair share. We aren’t against vaccines in general, just this rushed version that capitalized on a global emergency.

Then we find out that the very people pushing this rushed vaccine were heavily involved with a lab that was performing research that very likely spawned the very pandemic we’ve been living with for more than a year, and people still somehow wonder why we resist what the government is trying to get us to do. It isn’t that we’re stupid or ignorant or whatever you might think; lies have a cost and it comes to bear when the people realize that you aren’t worth listening to. You manipulate people at your own risk.

At some point, the rest of us will likely be ready to take the vaccine once it has had some time to show what the long term consequences are, fully informed of the risk rather than just jumping in because “the government say so”. It’s difficult to argue they know what they’re talking about when the numbers show that their efforts made absolutely no difference at all. States with virtually no lockdowns or mask enforcement had similar or better results to states that were draconian in their efforts. Why should we believe you on vaccines?

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