Why Is Our Government Fumbling So Badly?

It’s pretty hard not to see the incompetence in our government these days. We have a massive border crisis with undocumented individuals literally flowing into the country unchallenged. Nations across the globe who traditionally fear our wrath no longer have any reason to tread lightly. Our President constantly fumbles through his public appearances, making wild statements that make absolutely no sense at all while our Vice President continues to either ignore or make worse anything she puts her hand to. It is a crazy time in our history.

The question many people are asking is why? How can people in such highly important positions have been placed there who are simply incapable of doing the job? One would think that only the most highly qualified people would have any chance at all of gaining the most coveted positions within our system of government, but this administration has shown that this simply isn’t the case. What used to be a beacon of strength and competence has been replaced by a theater filled with bad actors.

When we really think about the people who were elected, however, it isn’t difficult to break down why things are the way they are. It really just comes down to the difference between the liberal and conservative mindsets. It’s much like the way we used to think about how our brains work, with one side being our practical and logical side and the other being our creative and passionate side. If we think about our political landscape in this way, it becomes much easier to comprehend why things are going the way they are.

When conservatives are in office, we tend to see a pull back on some of the more grand ideological agendas because they tend to be far more practical and every day about the way they do business. The focus is on living within our means and making sure we have security for tomorrow. Jobs and economic growth are key components, and many of the issues that we would like to get resolved get pushed down the road because they aren’t willing to sacrifice today for a vague future tomorrow.

On the other side, liberals tend to be dreamers. They are focused on the future and what could be. Their lives are filled with fantasies of a utopian world where every person has everything they want and everyone lives in perfect and total peace. Because their attention is focused on a potential future, they tend to ignore the consequences of the present believing in the idea that whatever means they choose to use justify the end they have in mind.

Where this comparison matters is when we start to think about what it takes to run a nation as large as the United States. There are so many small, detailed tasks that need to be completed in a certain way to keep things running. This requires people who are capable of setting aside emotion and the future and focus on the routine of making sure these things get taken care of. Does it make sense that someone whose attention is fixated on the future would accel at these sorts of things?

Going up a few steps, even someone whose job isn’t as mundane as say administration or routine maintenance might struggle if they tend to be more liberal in their views. A person who is fixated on the future is going to struggle with doing the job they have right now while they yearn for something better. Nothing is ever good enough for them, even if they are making six figures and have many of the things that most people dream about. There is always something better on the horizon pulling their attention away from their current responsibilities.

Few things are worse than government officials whose mindset isn’t focused on getting their jobs done, but reshaping their environment to suit their own needs. This is the true bane of aggressively liberal politicians being exclusively placed in positions of power. They tend to be extremely effective at coming up with new ideas, but that very quality is exactly what makes them terrible at implementing anything. All of their energy and attention is focused on what they’d like to have rather than taking care of what is right in front of them, so rather than taking the most logical course of action in the moment, they make their choices based on how they hope they can shape the future. They do this regardless of the consequences in the here and now.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with liberal thought. If people didn’t dream then we wouldn’t have the society and technology and all the amazing things that we enjoy today. I’m not even saying that it’s a bad idea to have a heavy liberal influence in our political structure, because those are the people who help us to right the wrongs of our society and push us forward into new ways of doing things. They are a critical part of making the country better.

The real point here is that it is our departure from a bipartisan or multi-partisan approach to government that is causing our problems these days. A government works best when you have a good balance between dreamers and the practically minded; when the two opposing viewpoints provide checks and balances to each other so that we don’t go too far in a specific direction. We need progressives to come up with new ideas and push for equality and justice just as we need conservatives to keep an eye on the economy and our influence around the world. It’s a team effort, and until we start seeing each other as assets rather than enemies nothing will ever get better.

Neither side can make our country the best it can be on their own. Conservatives might do a better job of staving off the chaos, but a nation with that mindset will stagnate and wither away without new ideas to propel us forward. In the same way a completely liberal government will simply tear everything down because they either care more about a potential future than what is happening today; or they simply have spent so much time focused on what could be that they haven’t developed the skills necessary to take care of what needs to be done. This is what we see from our government right now. It is full of incompetent people who never developed anything other than their imagination and ability to convince people of their dream…little help for the rest of us who need people who get things done.

What do you think about the composition of our government? Is going in one direction a good way to do business, or should there be more balance? Are there any differences in what you’re seeing today compared to the past that make you nervous? The cold, hard truth is that competence is becoming a rare commodity, and the more we focus on dreams rather than ability, the more we’re going to struggle as a nation. At some point, we have to dig in our heels and stop allowing those who can’t seem to focus on today to run our government.

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