Humans Love a Good Fight

It doesn’t matter what the reasons are. There could be really good reasons for it or really bad reasons for it. Money, power, entertainment and myriad other possibilities can be used to justify it. Physical, mental, emotional or otherwise, we can’t ever seem to get away from it. When it comes to living in a world full of so many different people, we must always remember that human beings love to fight.

Regardless of the why and the how, humans beings are wired for conflict. We spend an inordinate amount of our time concerned with being in opposition to someone else. Even in times of peace we yearn for a fight. If we can’t justify doing it physically through war, we’ll find a way to do it politically through the soft oppression of others. No matter how much we claim to be advanced, intelligent beings of significance, we can’t seem to get over our primal and aggressive tendancies.

It is this base nature that is forcing us to go through this current period of turmoil regarding such ridiculous things as “critical race theory”. We spent decades trying to eradicate the concept of using race to justify any type of action at all, and we’ve come probably about as close as any society can to removing irrational hate between our citizens based on something as arbitrary as the color of our skin. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t leave a good thing alone.

As race tensions started to subside and we actually started living in an era of racial semi-harmony, that primal urge to fight reared its ugly head and forced us back at each others’ throats. We quickly became bored with a society that truly believes coexisting peacefully with our neighbors and, despite how unreasonable it is when we really think about it, we have decided to backslide to a philosophy that nearly broke our country several times.

The need to find something to focus our aggression on is overpowering and forces us into the most ridiculous of situations. No one can ever sanely justify racism, and when interrogated by someone who can’t be bamboozled by catch phrases and rope-a-dope, these people are clearly exposed for what they are: incompetent people who can’t make their way in the world except off the chaos they can create. They can’t be productive members of society, so they find ways to disrupt those around them so they can find a way to take advantage of the confusion.

Unfortunately, for this approach to work one has to be quite intelligent. Engineered chaos requires a lot of moving pieces and a great deal of coordination. This means that for the average person, the deck is stacked against us because those who see us as prey to be conquered are all working together while the rest of us are just trying to get through the day. I would say it’s like the calf being separated from the herd, but the analogy just doesn’t work. It’s like a herd of calf all grouped together as easy pickings for the wolves.

Still, even a herd of calves can be dangerous if there are enough of them and they are all moving in the same direction. We don’t have to let the wolves tear us apart a piece at a time. All it takes is for us to start running together as hard as we can, coordinating our movements to get as much protection as we can. If we can survive long enough to grow into bulls, then the tables turn on the predators.

America doesn’t necessarily have to experience a fall like so many of the great nations of the past. It simply takes the average person standing up and refusing to accept the aggression of those who would take advantage of them. There is always power in numbers, and the peace loving has far more numbers than the predators. If we can just find a way to band together and push back the agents of chaos, we can take back what we’ve started to lose. It is only inaction that will burn everything down. As the saying goes, darkness is simply the absence of light, so let’s start lighting our candles.

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