The Demise of Police Departments

We are living in what can only be described as the beginning of the end of American society. I wish I could be optimistic about our future, but it’s very difficult to see anything other than doom and gloom when I watch the public at large standing by with complete indifference as the structures that make our country work are torn down indiscriminately. Insane ideas and policies that would have never seen the light of days just a few decades ago are espoused as amazing leaps forward.

While the craziness of things like gender disputes and communist ideologies being proposed as normal don’t sit well with most of us, perhaps the most dangerous set of events going on right now is the failure of our system of police departments. If I’m perfectly honest, I’ve never been particularly fond of law enforcement, primarily because my interaction with them has been solely in the realm of traffic enforcement and I’m not a fan of the way our traffic laws work. They get the unfortunate brunt of my dissatisfaction about the way our society has decided travel is safe.

However, the events in our most recent history have shifted to paint our law enforcement officers as villains to be overcome rather than enforcers of the peace. Some of this is warranted due to the behavior of a select few personnel who have acted with grievous misconduct, but applying these incidents to police in general is quite irresponsible. The vast majority of police officers are good people just trying to do the best job they can.

To be clear, I’m not necessarily a fan of the concept of law enforcement. I know I’m being a bit confusing and might sound contradictory, but sometimes what you think is theoretically the best way versus what actually works in reality are two very different things. Philosophically, I believe that we should each be responsible for our own lives and safety. That means having whatever means is necessary to protect our own lives an property. It should not be up to an outside organization to protect me from harm.

At the same time, I recognize the fact that there are just too many people with too many different ways of thinking for this philosophy to work in its purest form. In that world, roving gangs of opportunists would simply overpower individuals, which is why we live in a society of shared values. By grouping together and agreeing to certain terms, we protect ourselves from the elements of society that has no problem with harming others for their own selfish gains.

So while I’m not a fan of the idea of police, a logical analysis of the good versus bad of it leads to the only possible conclusion: we need to have a system in place that at least attempts to reign in the chaos. There are many differing philosophies on how to do this, and I lean toward maximum freedom for the individual and maximum restriction to law enforcement, but there is no doubt that some form of protection is warranted.

When I watch the citizens of our country banding together to bring down one of the core services we have relied on to protect those who can’t protect themselves, it forces me to believe that, like many of the great civilizations of history, we have decayed so far in our morality that we have little hope of recovering. When the public decides that law and order are no longer worth having and it’s completely fine to have criminals roving the streets, looting and pillaging their way through private property, it’s hard to see anything less than an impending fall.

No one can really predict how this will all play out. It might be that we all finally wake up and stop listening to and being afraid of these hyper-liberal crazy people who advocate ridiculous ideas that just don’t work in a polite society. Or we’ll continue cowering in fear while we watch what was once a nation of good people descend into the darkness with nothing more than a whimper of protest. It’s up to each one of us to decide which it will be.

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