The Terror of Public Perception

Things have changed from the way they were not so long ago. For most of human history we have been primarily concerned with our own survival, prompted into action whenever the circumstances required that we perform some specific action to ensure that our future was more or less secure. We were always cognizant of the things going on around us, but for the most part the drama was confined to our own little corner of the world.

These days things are very different. While technology has provided the average person with a quality of life far better than even the most powerful kings of our ancient history, it has also provided a powerful means of mass population control in the form of propaganda. For those who understand this and how it can be used to change the way people think about things, it is a powerful tool to gain power and control over large numbers of people.

Many of the things that we have been told in the last year have turned out to be completely false. We were first told that certain minimal intrusions in our lives in the form of masks and social distancing would be required to “slow the spread” of the COVID-19 virus, which as can see now was never intended to be brief. First masks were claimed to be unnecessary, which we later found out was due to a fear of supply shortages for medical personnel, then later we were all urged to wear two (or even three) masks; studies have always shown that nearly all masks are ineffective against airborne viruses. We were told that the disease likely came from wet markets in Wuhan, but we now know that key people always knew that the virus most likely came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Very little of what we are told on a daily basis is completely true without any caveats. Spin is the order of the day in our political landscape, twisting the truth as much as it takes to avoid outright lies while still getting us to believe what they want us to believe. It has become very difficult to trust anyone who enters public service because the problem is so prevalent that many of us default to assuming that anyone with a public title has their own interests, or the interests of their political party, as the primary goal. There are probably more honest politicians than we think, but with so many lies told so often, it’s hard to tell.

Despite all the lies and manipulation, where it really becomes scary is when we consider the reaction of the public to such things. Most people are ready and willing to accept just about anything from anyone if the perceived consequences are grave enough and the information is presented in just the right way. People were all too ready to bend over backward to accommodate the recommendations of government medical “professionals” such as Anthony Fauci, handing over the rights we’ve held dear for more than two centuries in the vague hope that our compliance would somehow help.

What do we do when the public will no longer has the wherewithal to hold up against those who would infringe on our most basic freedoms? When did we become a nation that values safety over liberty? There was a time not so long ago that the average person would have rose up in arms over the restrictions that we passively accepted for more than a year. We are all too ready to give up our independence and allow others to control our lives for us. Perhaps we believe it’s easier that way.

The scary part for me is that the last year will likely result in a new “normal” that makes things like masks and social distancing at least a minor part of our daily lives moving forward. We’ve proven to the people who want control that we can be convinced to change the way we see the world and conform to a new paradigm. It will be a relatively slow, gradual change that will see us giving up freedom after freedom as the people in power firm up their grasp on those of us who don’t have the resources to fight back.

If this sounds like a conspiracy theory, I understand your position. However, sometimes reality is stranger than fiction and it may become clear one day soon that the people who have been railing against big government for decades turned out to be right about everything. One day we will look up and finally see that the world we thought we lived in doesn’t exist anymore. It is nothing but a vague memory of the past, replaced by a future dominated by manipulation and greed. A world where we return to the primal principles of “survival of the fittest”. Perhaps it is too late to change it, or perhaps not. We can only find out if we try.

What do you think about public manipulation? Are there any truly good leaders out there anymore, or is everyone just out for themselves? What would it take to turn things around and get our society back to a place where we stand up for the values our nation was founded on? These are hard questions, and if we knew the answers we would already be taking action. Unfortunately, with so many people with so many different points of view, it becomes nearly impossible to bring enough people together for real action.

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