Filling in Your Time

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One of the more difficult things about sustaining a blog is coming up with topics to go over without becoming repetitive or irrelevant. It is a primary factor in the failure of most creative endeavors such as blog writing or video content creation. What do you do when the ideas start to run dry, but you have a schedule to keep and you risk losing the attention of your audience by skipping a few articles or episodes?

Some people believe in the idea of quality of quantity, and I can get behind that on most things. I’d rather have one of something really good than ten of something cheap and flimsy. Unfortunately, in a world where everything is controlled by algorithms and the whims of a flighty society, you can’t always stick with the way you’d prefer to do things. Compromise is one of those ugly words we all have to get accustomed to.

I’d love to sit down once per week and just write a single, very detailed article on a specific topic, working out all of the details and providing a premium product that most other writers couldn’t produce. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that if you want to get noticed on the internet at all, you have to try to beat the calculations by publishing as much content as possible as quickly as possible. Thus, writing an article a day for the time being is the pathway I’ve chosen to take in this early stage of building my brand.

Sometimes you just have to learn how to fill in your time. Many times there isn’t anything specific on your agenda and you can either take a break from what you’re doing or find something else to close the gap between one important thing and the next. If you’re lucky, you can find something useful to do that adds meaning to your work, but many times you’re just marking time until you can get back to doing what is important to you.

This article is a prime example of this philosophy. Not having had time the last few days to sit down and either think about what I want to share with my readers, or find something in politics or society to write about, I started to wonder what I could write to span the gap between today and when I get my next idea. That in itself was somewhat inspirational as a topic, because most of the time we find something to fill our down time with activity and don’t really think about it. We just call it relieving boredom when it’s our own personal time.

You can’t really do that in the working world. Rarely are we in a position where the job we’re doing is something we find interesting. Some people are able to live their dream and make money doing what they love, but statistically it just isn’t possible for most of humanity to find this. “The world needs ditch diggers” is a phrase I grew up hearing, the point being that many of us will be forced to do the jobs no one else wants because it’s all we can find. There is an awful lot of boredom in the world.

At any rate, while we typically don’t like the idea of doing things just to do them, and prefer to have a quality product rather than just a place holder, many times it just isn’t feasible to do any better than insert a generic effort in between the things we really care about. Keeping a routine is an important part to maintaining something like writing a blog, or even just doing your day job. As I stated before, sometimes all you can do is just put in the bare minimum.

What do you think about going through the motions? How many things in your life require this kind of effort? Are you able to pull yourself up and get things done when you run into situations like this? Sometimes you just have to do something that isn’t your best work to keep yourself moving. Getting stuck on perfection is very dangerous if it ends up derailing your routine. Sometimes routine is all we have.

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