Some People Are Worth Listening To…Some Aren’t

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Have you ever gotten to the point with someone where just the mention of their name makes you cringe? There are certain people in the world who have the ability to set my teeth on edge, and I can’t get through more than a few seconds of their speaking before I feel disgust and anger rising in my body. This is most especially true in some of the more popular figures on the extreme left who clearly don’t think through what they say, instead spewing forth crazy theories and “pie in the sky” ideas that have no basis in reality.

I try really hard to not pre-judge people simply because they belong to a group I don’t necessarily agree with. Democrats in general are not on my list of people that I avoid at all cost, mostly because the majority of them are just regular people with regular lives just trying to get by. They might have some pretty unrealistic ideas about how the world works, but for the most part they tend to be pretty reasonable, even if they vote for very unreasonable people. You can’t really fault them for having bad leadership.

That said, after a while you start to get to know someone, even based on what they say in public, and there are certain people who cause me to roll my eyes and sigh in frustration every time they open their mouth. One such figure is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Most of the things that I’ve ever heard her say would have been shocking to imagine a public figure saying even ten years ago, but the political landscape has changed and elected officials can apparently say whatever they want now.

For example, the impetus for this article was listening to her talk about how racism and colonization somehow had an effect on climate change. I have not one idea how there is any correlation between these completely disparate things, but in typical fashion she has brute forced her way into tying a knot between two issues that have absolutely nothing to do with one another. It doesn’t have to make sense, mostly because she speaks with enough passion that people who aren’t paying attention just accept what she says. It’s scary to watch.

The most ridiculous thing that bothers me about AOC, among other recently elected politicians, is that she has no background or expertise to be speaking out on such topics. She is most famous for having been elected while working as a bartender, and while she does have a degree, that degree is in international relations and economics. I would love to know where in her experience that she is an authority on anything related to real science. Despite this lack of knowledge, she feels free to get on stage and chastise the rest of us using “facts” that have nothing to do with reality.

Perhaps that is the goal, really. The extreme left knows that they’re never going to get their way through rational discussion. They’ve tried that for decades with no real movement. It may be that their goal now is to simply throw out as many ridiculous ideas as possible in an effort to get the rest of us to become so frustrated and tired of hearing them that we just start giving in to shut them up. The more I think about it, the more I start to believe that is really what is going on. I’m sure some of the people saying these things are not very smart and actually believe it, but you can’t tell me that they all just turned off their brains. There is definitely something more sinister going on here.

The only thing we can do at this point is to continue exposing the lies and pushing back against the insanity. As the far left goes further and further into the abyss of ridiculousness, more and more people will begin rolling their eyes and yearning for the times when we could simply live our lives like we used to. It was amusing for a while to watch people like AOC throw temper tantrums on the floor of Congress, but it’s time for the grown ups to take back the wheel.

What do you think about passionate idiots? How did they become so prevalent in our society today? What measures can we take to limit the damage they cause and get them out of power? America is at a crossroads, and it is up to those of us who still use reason to ensure that we take the right path. We can no longer leave the big decisions up to intellectually deficient politicians who are more interested in likes on social media than making good decisions for the country.

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