Sports Should Be Based on Sex, Not Gender

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Yet again, I am forced to write about a topic I’m not particularly happy about, but as we move through topics on this blog in an effort to establish a worldview that has some kind of common sense in it, we have to address some of the more crazy things that are surfacing in our modern discourse. We have become so confused about what is what in the world today, mostly because people feel the need to complicate things to make themselves feel special. I’m not sure when it became acceptable to force a majority of people to cower to the will of a vocal minority, but here we are.

I will say unequivocally that I completely disagree with any attempt to discriminate against transgender people when it comes to the rights and privileges they should have under the Constitution of the United States. As a libertarian leaning person, I believe each person has the right to live life the way they choose to, as long as they are no infringing on anyone else in their pursuits. But this is where we start running into problems.

You see, when it comes to something like sports, we run into a problem with the entire identity issue. It’s all well and good for a man to decide he wants to live his life as a woman up until the point that this person decides he wants to start participating in activities with biological women. You can paint it how you want, but it cannot be denied that there are significant physical differences between men and women.

It isn’t just the visual parts, but inside as well. The bone and muscular structure of the average man is simply far more dense and powerful than all but the most extreme of women. This is mostly due to hormones present during development, but it is also simply a product of genetic coding. Men have physical prowess coded into their DNA. Some outlier women may be able to compete on a level playing field with the men, but almost any man can defeat almost any woman in a straight up physical confrontation. You can cry about it all you want, but it’s simply the truth.

You’ll note the tone of this article is a bit more biting than I typically use in my writing. I prefer to focus on calm, rational discussion that results in mutual understanding, but sometimes the topics I have look at when trying to find things to write about just set my teeth on edge. It boggles the mind to think that these people truly believe that by simply making a decision and taking some pills that they can somehow erase decades of physical development and that it’s somehow fair for them to compete against females who are no match for them.

You can find many examples of men transitioning to women and then totally destroying all previously held records. It isn’t even a contest. Men who would be at best mediocre against other men shoot to the very heights of female competition solely because they have the biological advantage of being genetically male. Again, you can try to skew it however you want, but the science is in my friends. Men beat women almost every time in physical competition.

What this all comes down to is selfishness. The people who want to live their lives as another gender aren’t content to simply live their lives that way. They need to force the rest of us to accept and support their decision in as active a way as possible. It is no longer acceptable for me to simply accept that a transgender man chooses to live his life as a women. I now have to participate in his life by telling him it’s acceptable to compete against women and use the proper pronoun regardless of his genetic makeup or, in the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life, date a transgender regardless of my own sexual preference. If I don’t do all those things then I’m labeled as bigoted.

There is a word for this type of behavior: drama queen. I have never had patience for drama and it is exactly this behavior that sets me off against some people in the transgender community. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t believe for a second that the majority of transgender people want all the ridiculous things that are being put forward in our society today. As I’ve said on other topics, even in the less than one percent of people who identify as transgender in our country, it is a vocal minority of even that tiny group who is pushing all this.

The problem is that in America the majority has become so complacent that we allow these people to take center stage. Perhaps it’s because we found them amusing for so long and it gave us something to watch when things were boring. But it is past time for us to put these children in the corner for a time out so they can think about what they’ve done. We have the greatest country the world has ever seen, and if we continue to let these immature people play around with our society, we have no one to blame but ourselves as we watch the second fall of Rome.

What do you think about transgenders in sports? Is it fair for biological males to compete against biological females? Does your “gender identity” somehow wash away your phyiscal makeup, or are the records being achieved today simply due to unfair practices? The answers to these questions are clear if we stop catering to extremists, and it’s well past time that we voice the truth loud and clear and get our society back on track.

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