Derek Chauvin’s Verdict Will Likely Not Stand

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the conviction of Derek Chauvin, but what the general public doesn’t understand is that many of the events surrounding the media coverage and ultimately the inflammatory statements by Maxine Waters have ensured that this story isn’t over yet. The prosecution failed to provide evidence beyond a reasonable doubt on either of the murder charges, and manslaughter was flimsy at best. And the fact that the jury was well aware of the consequences of their decision made an impartial decision virtually impossible.

The reality is that this verdict is purely for show. None of the jurists would reasonably risk the inevitable danger that would have resulted from returning a not guilty verdict. Regardless of whether or not you believe Derek Chauvin is guilty, the unfortunate truth is that justice was impossible to find in this case. The terrible influence of the media and rioters and evil people trying to massage the issue to their advantage made today’s events a farce.

In the end, the verdicts will be appealed and likely overturned in a new trial. The evidence incriminating George Floyd and testimony showing that he could have died from drugs causing him to asphyxiate are more than enough to establish reasonable doubt of intent to kill. Manslaughter has always been the most solid charge, and even that is hard to argue given that the officers receive training in exactly the technique Chauvin used to subdue Floyd.

The scary part of all of this is that it took a lie from a jury to avoid destruction in the streets. No one seems to care anymore about finding the truth. We just want to be right. There is no compromise anymore, and the public at large will pay for standing up for what is good. You don’t have to like Derek Chauvin, but if we can’t agree to look at the facts and make decisions based on the evidence, no one is safe anymore.

This is what is called “mob rule”, and it is expressly why our country is not a pure democracy. When the majority of people simply decide something should be a certain way, the remaining citizens must simply conform or be forced into compliance. This trial is a prime example. The verdict was forced by the public, not by rational discussion of the facts. It is disgusting to behold.

Let me be clear: I don’t really care one way or the other about Derek Chauvin. I have no vested interest in what happens to him from a legal standpoint. My concern here is the complete lack of regard for due process and blind justice that was simply cast aside in the name of keeping the peace. This is not what America is about. We used to stand for justice, not outcomes. It is well past time to get back to that way of thinking.

I will say it again, and please do not let yourself be fooled. Derek Chauvin is unlikely to spend a significant portion of his life in prison for the death of George Floyd. At the end of the day, this will certainly work its way up through the higher levels of the court system, which will have no choice but to dismiss the murder charges and perhaps even the manslaughter charge due to the evidence at hand and the circumstances of the events. The facts simply do not support a guilty verdict.

What do you think of the Chauvin conviction? Do you disagree with the verdict, or do you believe the facts support it? Regardless of what the media has been telling us, the prosecution did not supply enough of a case to overcome reasonable doubt, and it certainly is far from over.

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