Confronting the “Wishy-washy” Leaders of Society

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I recently watched a questioning of Dr. Fauci by Congressman Jim Jordan in which he grilled the leading infectious disease expert about how much longer he intends to continue recommending the extreme measures we’ve taken as a nation in response to COVID-19. As usual, the doctor did everything he could to avoid directly answering the question, regardless of the forceful and direct queries being lobbed by the congressman. In the end, the chair of the committee told him to “shut his mouth” because he had gone over time.

It is crazy to me that people aren’t outraged that an effort to get to the truth is being shut down by “rules”. We’ve been living in this ridiculous time for more than a year now, and it is well past time to cast aside the unreasonable requests of this medical expert and start getting back to living normal lives again. There is a vaccine being widely distributed that prevents infection and spread of the virus, and at this point it should be on the individual to decide what protective measures are right for them going forward.

The reality is that most of the Democratic party is aligned with an extremist agenda to exert as much control as possible over the population. I’m not talking about average citizens who vote Democrat; I’m talking about active members of the party itself. All of them have been indoctrinated into this idea that the party is more important than the people, and the socialist agenda of the left is now in full swing amongst those who proudly wear the label of Democrat.

What should have happened during that meeting is that the chair should have suspended further speaking until this critical question was answered definitively. COVID-19 is probably the most important issue we’re dealing with right now, because as long as the virus is our focus and we continue to be locked away from our lives, we are unable to really pay attention to anything else. We need our freedom back.

Of course, this isn’t what the Democratic party wants. They want us to be obedient little robots who do their bidding upon request. There is no desire for truth, only the narrative that continues to allow them to press their influence upon the American people. It is not in their best interests to allow the virus to fade into the past. The hype is necessary to continue allowing them to force us to do what we’re told.

But now the American public is over it. We’re tired of sitting around waiting for something to change so we can get back to living our lives. There is no patience left for this pandemic or those who seek self-aggrandizement by artificially prolonging the event for their own benefit. Some of our representatives understand this, and are finally starting to seriously push back. It is up to us to support them.

Write to your congressman and senator and encourage them to start protesting the continued ridiculousness of those who want to “protect us” from the disease. The time has come to stop cowering in fear over something that was never as bad as we feared it would be. We are hurting ourselves far more by shying away from life than the virus could ever have done. Stand up and make your voice heard.

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