Should Having Power Limit Your Privacy?

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America was founded on the idea that all men are created equal, and part of that sentiment has traditionally been the notion that no matter what your status in life, you do not have the right to exert yourself onto the people around you. Unfortunately, the modern world has reverted back to the old way where those who have much impose their will on those who have little. The caste system is alive and well in America, and while it may not be Lords and Ladies in castles, status in America dictates the direction of our country.

I tend to get annoyed by people who say that we should be taxing the rich more to cover the costs for the rest of us because the attitude is very unfair. These days, however, I can no longer support that viewpoint because the rich and powerful are not just working to acquire wealth for themselves, but they are actively working to change our country to grab power. Too many people in our government owe their allegiance to big money and big tech, and those relationships have created the swamp that President Trump went to Washington to drain.

If we believe in the idea that we want a free society, there is an unfortunate necessity to ensure that way of life continues forward: imposing limits on the privacy of certain people. No one likes the idea of a police state, and for the general public I would never suggest it. When it comes to those we elect to public office to serve our interests, though, I have come to believe it is critical to the honest continuation of our form of government. These positions are too important to our future to allow them to be corrupted by greedy individuals looking to secure their own future at our expense.

My justification for this attitude comes from another part of my life that has a fairly similar requirement. I served in the United States Marine Corps for more than a decade of my life, and part of that service meant that I voluntarily gave up certain freedoms and the expectation of privacy. My oath to serve my country meant that I willingly lost my ability to make my own choices and I put myself under the direct scrutiny of those charged with keeping the standards of the Corps at the highest possible level.

This same approach should be taken with anyone who chooses to run for and become elected to public office, except that because they are in a position to affect the lives of thousands or millions of people, this should be taken to the highest extreme possible. We need a watchdog organization that monitors every interaction of our politicians and records everything they say and do and makes it public for everyone to look at. No more backroom deals, no more saying one thing in public and doing another in private, no more getting away with doing bad things by playing the “plausible deniability” card. Complete and open transparency dictated by the people on those who choose to run for political office.

The technology exists today to do this. We all carry around smart phones that we know can be tapped into at any time by hackers to record audio and video, but we don’t even need to go that far. We have police precincts that require their officers to walk around with body cams, and the same should hold true for our politicians. Create a Bluetooth version of this that pairs with their phone to live stream their entire day, and you have instant accountability for every politician across the country. Live GPS tracking of their location via their phone will allow us to know who met with who and when, so even during things like restroom breaks we can at least know who was involved when a shady deal surfaces.

As a person who believes in individual privacy and liberty, it hurts my heart to have to suggest something like this, but our politicians have proved to us that such a system is necessary. We have been shown time and time again that when push comes to shove, nearly every elected official will choose their pocketbook over the good of the people who sent them to work for them. The only way this can ever be resolved is if there is maximum accountability that forces our leadership to act in accordance with our values and not those of the people who want to crush us into submission.

As Stan Lee liked to quote, “with great power comes great responsibility”. It would be nice if our leadership would take this proverb to heart, but the reality is that our basic human nature makes it exceedingly difficult for even reasonably decent people to do the right thing. When you are being offered huge sums of money to get something done, you can rationalize almost anything. It is only when we are held accountable that we truly put others before ourselves, because we don’t want to live with the shame that comes from getting found out. By implementing strict controls on our leadership, we can start getting back to a place where the general public is free to live their lives away from the oppression of those who crave power over them. It is time to crack down on corruption.

What do you think about the influence of power? Should those charged with serving us be free to do whatever they want while in office? What measures can we take to ensure they act on our best interests instead of their own? We are at a critical juncture in our nation, and if we continue to allow those we elect to be corrupted by shady figures with unlimited funds, we can’t expect to survive much longer. It’s time to start taking back control of our country, and it starts with holding the leadership accountable.

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