We Have a Problem with China

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I hate jumping on the bandwagon. It’s unimaginative and makes me feel unmotivated to write. Unfortunately, we are living in a time now where there are certain existential threats that simply aren’t being addressed by our government, whom we have put in place to protect us from dangerous entities abroad. While I am certainly against being overly involved in the world at large, we need to have a balance of minding our own business and actively protecting our own interests through participating in world events.

Let me start by saying that while this post is a call to action against China as a country, I adamantly reject any statement that might attempt to construe this article as racist against Chinese people. Our fight is with the communist government of China, a regime with intentions of world domination. Chinese people as a whole are generally good people who just want to live their lives, and anyone who transfers their fear of a government to the people that government oppresses is ignorant. We must learn to separate the government from the people.

That said, we have a serious problem with the Chinese government that may be too late to reverse. Corporations and firms have moved into all parts of the world, acquiring property and establishing businesses whose allegiance is to the Chinese Communist Party, which makes each of them de facto enemies of all democratic nations. These entities do not have a primary goal of making a profit; their intention is to move into an area and establish as much control as possible. Their status as being under the thumb of their government means that it is the ambitious Chinese political system that is expanding, not honest businesses.

The expansion hasn’t been limited to far away countries in Africa or Europe. It’s happening right next door in the Caribbean. China has invested heavily in the island nations just to our south, providing funding for infrastructure improvements and buying up land in an attempt to gain an oppressive hold over the citizenry there. When you owe a country a significant amount of money, it becomes very difficult to voice objections to their wishes, and China is aggressive enough to make direct threats and act on them.

While this has been going on, our politicians in America have watched and done nothing to combat the advance of this dangerous regime. Former President Trump made several attempts to push back against these puppet businesses during his term, but had almost no support at home and wasn’t really able to go as far as he needed to in order to make any real headway in the fight. Our trade war with China hurt our pocketbooks, and because we no longer have the backbone to push through adversity to do the right thing, it was used as ammunition against him during re-election.

Expecting any sort of serious action in this new administration is foolish. President Biden is showing obvious signs of mental decline, barely getting through his first press conference. It was painful to watch. The left is far more interesting in maneuvering to get him out of the way and prepare the far more radical Vice President Harris to replace him. It isn’t unreasonable to predict that it won’t be much longer before we have a change in the White House, and while they are fixated on their own personal agendas, they are ignoring the dangers that are rapidly advancing toward our own shores.

The unfortunate reality is that for the next four years, China will have unbridled freedom to move about the world and advance their interests with little or no interference from the western world. We no longer have the courage to stand up to the true bullies of the world, and much like Neville Chamberlain we will capitulate to their demands because we’re afraid of a fight. It won’t be until we’re forced to accept that the fight is coming no matter how we feel about it that we will finally get up and raise our fists. By then it will be too late.

We need a serious push from our population against the apathy of our government. It’s too late to completely reverse what’s going on, but at the very least we can start limiting how bad it will get in the future. We are the most powerful nation in the world, and we still have a lot of influence and stand as the beacon of freedom for all to see. With a bit of courage and a heavy hand with our lazy politicians, we can protect the lifestyle we so value and stem the tide of this oppressive government.

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