We Need a Trump 2.0

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Let me be clear: I was never a fan of Donald Trump. Having served in leadership positions for a significant portion of my time in the military, I have a certain viewpoint on the kind of image a leader should project to the public. Former President Trump was far outside what I would consider a good leader because it was very hard to hold any respect for someone who can’t control his outbursts. We expect more from those who are supposed to be holding the reins, and the President is our representative to the world.

That said, Trump’s focus during his time in office was exactly what our country needed. Rather than catering to the demands of other nations who are obliquely our enemies, he forced his way through and put America first. His rhetoric, while ridiculous, did put a lot of focus on what is wrong in Washington. The simple fact that he drove the extreme left absolutely crazy made it worth putting up with his antics as our Commander in Chief.

Personally, I would prefer it if Trump did not run again in 2024. While he did a lot for those of us who value more traditional viewpoints, his lack of discipline when it comes to putting on the proper face in public seriously detracted not only from his perception at home, but more importantly abroad. Yes, other nations might have feared him because they weren’t quite sure what he might do, but I’d rather they fear him because they know he’s going to put the iron fist down if they cross us. He was simply too goofy.

What we need is someone who combines Trump’s no bull attitude with the ability to focus that energy on getting things done. Someone who leaves the showmanship behind and simply attacks the issues. A person who has bald faced facts on the tip of his tongue ready to expose the lies of the media and the far left. A President who calls it like it is with no apologies, but with absolute respect for those he disagrees with. In essence, we need a Presidential version of Donald Trump.

While it is certainly too early to start endorsing anyone yet, my early favorite is Ron DeSantis. I’ll admit freely that I don’t know too much about him yet, and we may find something later that makes him totally inappropriate, but I’ve done a bit of research and watched several videos where he slapped down ridiculous claims with solid statistics and a no-nonsense attitude. Every public interaction I’ve been able to find so far shows a passionate man who respects people but won’t put up with attempts to obscure the truth with irrelevant or incorrect information.

I don’t know if DeSantis should be our next President, but I think someone with that kind of bearing should be the next candidate that the conservative side of the country focuses on. It is this mixture of passion and discipline and an unwillingness to accept ridiculous ideas that will truly “drain the swamp” as President Trump called for so many times. Regardless of who is in office, it is the disgusting pit of greed and corruption that is our political elite that causes so many of the problems we have today.

It is difficult to find good leadership in our country today. As generations move forward, those who benefit from the actions of those who came before struggle to appreciate what it took to get our nation where it is today. Adversity forces us to sharpen ourselves to become more competent, and as we continue to make our lives easier and more convenient, we lose more and more of the obstacles that made us great. It is critical as we continue to dwindle our supply of great leaders that we start putting substance over flash, because the more we vote on feelings rather than results, the worse things are going to get.

Who do you think should be our next President? Are there any no-nonsense potential candidates that would be a good leader? What kind of attitude do you want in a Commander in Chief? These are the questions we have to answer before we jump into another election cycle. The right candidate won’t change things alone, but can take yet another step forward in kicking over the rocks that are covering up our system of government.

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