When Are We Old Enough to Decide?

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As a father, one of the scariest things that is going on in our modern society is this new push to allow children to make their own decisions about life altering changes. We have reached the point where grown adults are somehow completely oblivious to the fact that they are proposing some of the most dangerous ideas that have ever been conceived, all because they want to cram their ideology down our throats. It may not be far in the future when we become oppressed by the law for trying to uphold traditional values.

The spark for this particular article is the recent trend toward allowing children to decide what gender they want to be. This isn’t much of a problem all by itself, except that parents in some parts of the world are now being forced to allow their children to make decisions about their bodies that are irreversible. Instead of the argument being to allow children to express themselves how they want, we are being told that we need to physically alter them to match that expression.

I can imagine few things more horrible than what our children are going through today. It isn’t enough that they have to live with the confusing changes that their bodies are going through naturally all on their own, but now they have to deal with this impossible choice being presented to them to decide for themselves who they’re going to be for the rest of their lives before they’ve even learned anything about themselves at all. Our brains aren’t fully developed until well into our twenties, but we are now allowing children who are only a few years old to make a complex decision with an undeveloped mind.

There can be no logical justification for this attitude amongst the extreme left. This is fanatical ideology pushed to the limit. The fact is that less than one percent of our population truly identifies as transgender, but we are pushing an agenda that allows many more children to indulge in something that will be devastating to them later in life. These people don’t care about the children; all they care about is advancing their own position. The suffering that will inevitably result from these truly evil policies is immaterial to people who only care about their specific issue. It’s all collateral.

The scary part is that some government are now putting people in jail simply for speaking out against their children starting to physical transition to another gender. In British Columbia, Robert Hoogland was jailed for refusing to call his daughter by her “preferred pronoun”. As any good father would do, he is trying to protect his child from these dangerous ideas, yet the government has usurped his rights as a parent and stepped in to force an extremist ideology. How any parent can accept this is beyond me, and with so many of us in the world it boggles the mind how this sort of thing is allowed to happen.

Of course, it isn’t really that confusing when you think about it. Like most things in our lives, we are solely focused on what we have going on and struggle to really care about anything until it comes to our doorstep. The problem is that by then it is too late. Once it has become prevalent enough to affect the average citizen, it has become far too established to reverse it. Our inability to pull ourselves out of our own lives and look at what is going on around us is what will bring about our downfall.

As parents, we have to start taking a closer look at what these radical people are doing around us. Even if you agree with some of their viewpoints, we need to start prioritizing our families over these individuals who want to upend our society to suit their own selfish desires. Allowing radical ideologues to run around forcing people to bend to their way of thinking is extremely dangerous, and if we wait until it starts affecting us then we have no one to blame but ourselves. No one wants a fight, but it has come to that.

What do you think about children deciding the rest of their lives? Are they ready to make such decisions, or is something else behind this push? How would you feel if your child wanted to change themselves and you had no voice? We have to be extremely careful about how we move forward with issues such as this. Sometimes change isn’t a good thing, and we have to know where the line is. We need to look long and hard at what we are doing to prevent disaster in the future.

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