Don’t Be Greedy

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One of the hardest things to resist in this modern culture is indulging the desire that we all have to attain that glamorous lifestyle we see on social media and television. There are so many examples of people who figured out how to make millions of dollars, and our natural reaction is to envy those people and start looking for ways to make that happen for ourselves. However unrealistic it truly is, we find a way to hope for this massive change in our lives.

Unfortunately, we tend to forget that these cases are extreme outliers. Many of these people were either incredibly lucky or extremely driven to find the success they have today. Most of us will never be that lucky, just as we will never have the kind of obsessive nature required to put in the work required to build something up to that level of value. You either have to be in the right place at the right time, or be willing to sacrifice your entire life to a single goal that prevents you from every really enjoying what you accomplished.

Despite what I see in the world every day, I have learned the value of not being greedy. My goals in life aren’t to make millions of dollars, or even a six figure salary, though that would certainly be nice. I would find happiness in any situation where I’m able to do something I love while still making enough to provide a comfortable life for myself and my family. Anything more than that is just wasted effort, and I can’t stand waste.

There are so many people in the world who struggle with this idea. Our biology drives us to push forward, moving onward to the next thing that needs to get done. The idea of finding a place of peace and staying there is unnatural to instinctive beings with a need to survive. We are always in fear of losing what we have, so we continue fighting even after we have what we need so we can store up extra for that disaster on the horizon. Does it still need to be this way? With the social safety nets we have today, I just don’t think so.

The funny thing about human beings is that our society tends to change much faster than our biology can keep up with. You look at things in our modern culture like social media and it’s easy to understand how this new way of interacting is just too different from the way we are wired for us to truly keep up with. Just like social media, finding that place where you are content with what you have is something that is just too new for our primal instincts to deal with. Everything in our DNA is screaming to continue pushing.

We can’t find peace in such a system. As long as we allow our biology to rule us, the push to continue acquiring more will constantly tread on the contentment that so many of us desire. We can certainly think about such things as status or money or material possessions and imagine that they would be nice things to have, but our society today pushes these things on us as absolutely necessary, and it works because it caters to what our biology is telling us. Learning to ignore these messages is key to living your best life, whatever that may be.

For myself, one of the reasons I started this blog is partly to share my thoughts with others, but also partly in the hopes that I can figure out a way to monetize it to the point that I can live that comfortable life. Not the social media life with big mansions and fancy cars, but the average person comfortable life of having just enough money to be content with what I have. I don’t need status or excess riches or the adulation of others. Give me the simple life. If I can provide a simple service to others in my writing and make it valuable enough for people to support me in continuing to do it, I will have found that place of peace in my life. Who really needs more than that?

How do you feel about greed? Is it a big part of your life, or do you see it as an impediment to your happiness? Are your goals reasonable, or do they require something that is unlikely to happen for you? Learning to adjust our expectations to remove greed from the equation is a huge step toward finding happiness in our lives. The more you can figure out how to do this, the faster you will reach that place of balance and find peace.

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